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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Among the unique features of this year’s AAPG International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) in Milan will be the working models of Leonardo da Vinci’s own creations on display.

The da Vinci Exhibit of Machines, in keeping with the ICE theme of “Following da Vinci’s Footsteps to Future Energy Resources: Innovations from Outcrops to Assets,” is designed to illustrate the fundamental and lasting contribution of Leonardo’s genius to the development of modern geological concepts and to state-of-the-art oil and gas industry technologies.

As many may know, da Vinci’s 15th-16th century inventions resulted in advances in the manufacturing, entertainment, civil engineering, agriculture and mining industries – advances that were both conceptual (wings, gliders, parachutes, military devices) as well as those that actually worked and made the execution of these disciplines more efficient and productive.

The exhibit is the result of sponsorship of eni e&p, and will be located at the eni booth in the exhibits hall throughout the entire conference. It is free for all attendees.

Designed in tandem between a passionate artisan in Florence (Gabriele Niccolai) and a world famous scholar (Carlo Pedretti), the exhibit features a unique collection of accurate, large-scale working and static models of many of Leonardo’s most innovative machines, including war, flying, nautical and hydraulic machines, as well as those illustrating the principles of mechanics.

Making the exhibit even more unique, the models have been built using only the limited materials and techniques that were available in the 16th century.

The entire da Vinci Exhibit of Machines, more than 50 pieces in all, is housed in the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci in Florence, Italy – each floor dedicated to another of the disciplines he inspired. At times, the museum tours around the world with select objects – which is how and why it made its way to Milan and this year’s ICE.

What ICE attendees will experience is but a small part of the collection – but the pieces on display, in addition to showcasing da Vinci’s genius, can be freely accessed, handled and, in some cases, even operated by the conference attendees.

Accompanied by concise, scientifically rigorous and informative supporting text and displays, participants will get a hands-on experience of da Vinci’s particular relevance and importance to geologists and engineers. ”

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