Membership Applications Move to AAPG Website

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Notice something missing here?

This typically is where you would find the list of applicants for membership in AAPG.

But no more.

Starting this month, applicant information now will be found only online – easily accessible via the AAPG website – in an effort to shorten the application process time.

To see the list of applicants (and their sponsors), simply look for the “applicant” button on the bottom right of our home page.

Click on the button and you’ll go to information for each Active applicant – whether they are applying as a new member, transferring from Associate or applying for reinstatement.

The new system is the result of recent Executive Committee approval of a proposal submitted by the AAPG Membership Communication and Coordination Committee, chaired by Andrea Reynolds, to streamline the AAPG membership application process.

This proposal is within the authority granted the EC by the AAPG Constitution and Bylaws and is aligned with the AAPG Strategic Plan.

“The new approach will significantly shorten the application processing period for most applicants, because it will allow the 60-day review by membership to commence immediately after the application is deemed complete and sponsors pass check by headquarters staff,” said EC member Jeff Lund, chair of the AAPG House of Delegates.

“This makes the AAPG Active membership application experience more welcoming to all qualified geoscientists,” he said.

Previously, the print publishing in the EXPLORER added 30-60 days to the process because of logistics and various deadlines.

Provided all necessary documentation is received, the online availability should shorten the overall application review time by 60 to 90 days from approval to acceptance.

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