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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Many online changes and new features are being added to the AAPG website – and this seems like a great time to review them.

For example: Have you voted yet?

By now you should have received your ballot in the mail. But before that you received an email from the SBS DirectVote system. This is the impartial service that runs our election.

They have sent you an email with an election passcode unique to you. This code along with your member number unlocks the ballot for you to vote electronically.

The interface is simple.

You enter your information in the appropriate fields. Select the candidate you’d like to see serve in that office. You’re even provided a bio and CV to review. Then, before completing the process, you may review your selections – and alter, if need be.

If you are interrupted in this process, your selections are stored and you may return to complete the process.

However once your vote is cast, you are done. There’s no turning back after that.

Membership Certificates

Is your certificate of membership starting to fade on your office wall? No worries. We have a great solution – and if your dues are current it’s free.

Member Services had your web team set up a certificate of membership that AAPG Members may now print at any time they desire.

There’s even a selection of sizes.

Here’s how it works:

When you go to Members Only and log in, there is a new navigation item on the left “Print Membership Certificate.” It is located about halfway down just under “Print Membership Card.”

According to Vicki Beighle, manager of AAPG Member Services, those members of the AAPG in good standing may access this service any time.

Included on the certificate is your name – as it appears in the AAPG database – your current level of membership, the year you joined and the date you printed the certificate.

All of this is automated so there is only the preview of the certificate when you go to this new feature.

However, there are some special print options in a green bar displayed across the top of the certificate window.

Your options are four different sizes to center on paper options sized to your area (aka letter or A4) – a full page and a half-page version for each.

Likewise, you may select a color or a black and white printout for the best result on your printer.

Option Play

In the green bar above the certificate, starting from the left, you may first choose your print option: Color? Black and white? Different artwork accommodates your print choice for the best possible result.

Next you may choose the size of your certificate. All will center on your paper so you may trim to fit in a frame or use on card stock to tack onto a board. We’ve even left room for a border in case you’d like to choose some paper that looks more decorative.

It is important to note with the larger options that you need to choose the “landscape” orientation for your print before you send it to the printer. This is found within your printer’s page setup.

You are almost ready to click the “Print Certificate” button.

Keep It Clean

Since you’ll want your certificate as clean as possible, and you really don’t want to have to trim it, we’ve provided an information link that shows you how to configure your browser’s printing interface.

Most browsers print a header and/or footer that number your page(s), identifies who is printing the page, adds the page’s URL, today’s date, etc. Most likely you’d prefer to not print these on your certificate.

Just to the right of the “Print Certificate” button is a link to instructions to configure your browser’s header and footer options.

About that Member Card

So, when you were looking for the “Print Membership Certificate” option did you also notice the “Print Membership Card?”

This has been available to AAPG members for a long time, but you may have never noticed it.

This option does exactly what it says: It provides a wallet-sized version of your card. It pulls from your AAPG Member record. So any time you have lost your card, you may print it afresh through your Members Only log in.

Good browsing!

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