Distinguished Lecturers Begin Their Spring Tours

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

The AAPG Foundationís Distinguished Lecture spring tours are slated to begin March 4 and will include five speakers traveling throughout North America.

DL speakers Chris Jackson, Chris Paola, Kathleen Marsaglia, Marek Kacewicz and Ron Blakey, plus AAPG Ethics Lecturer Rusty Riese all will lecture throughout March.

The Distinguished Lecture program is supported with funding through the AAPG Foundation.

March activity will include:

Chris Jackson from Imperial College and the Allan P. Bennison Lecturer, will tour March 4-8, visiting Walnut Creek, Calif.; Lincoln, Neb.; and Bismarck, N.D. Chris offers two topics:

  • 3-D Seismic Reflection and Borehole Expression of Tectonically Controlled Deep-Marine Reservoirs; Examples from the Northern North Sea Hydrocarbon Province.
  • The Impact of Igneous Intrusions and Extrusions on Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Extensional Settings.

Chris Paola, CSE Distinguished Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Minnesota, Minn., and researcher at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, will tour March 4-15, to Calgary, Canada; Billings, Mont.; Austin, Texas; Santa Barbara and Bakersfield, Calif.; Lincoln, Neb.; and Rapid City, S.D. Chrisí talks are:

  • Mass Balance Effects in Depositional Systems.
  • Experimental Stratigraphy.

Kathleen Marsaglia, Department of Geological Science, California State University at Northridge, will tour March 13-14, at Rolla, Mo., and Ames, Iowa. Kathleenís talk is:

  • Chasing Bits and Pieces of New Zealand from Source to Sink: Sand and Provenance Studies in New Zealand Sedimentary Systems and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration across Zealandia.

Rusty Riese, AAPG Distinguished Ethics Lecturer, will speak March 13 and March 21 at San Antonio and Socorro, N.M., respectively. Rieseís Ethics Lecture is titled ìOil Spills, Ethics and Society: How They Intersect and Where the Responsibilities Reside.î

Marek Kacewicz, research consultant and basin modeler at Chevron Energy Technology Company, and this yearís Ben Carsey Lecturer, will tour March 18-29, speaking to groups in Rolla, Mo.; Shreveport and Lafayette, La.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Lexington, Ky.; Mt. Vernon and Champaign, Ill.; Stoney Brook, N.Y.; and Lock Haven, Pa.

Kacewiczí talks are:

  • Carbonates ñ A Challenge for Basin Modelers.
  • Petroleum Systems Modeling ñ State of the Art and Future Directions.

Ron Blakey, recently retired Professor Emeritus at Northern Arizona University (after 34 years of teaching and research in the schoolís department of geology), will tour March 25-29, to San Antonio; Tulsa; Grand Junction, Colo.; and Dallas and Austin, Texas.

Blakey's lecture title is:

  • Using Paleogeographic Maps to Portray Phanerozoic Geologic and Paleotectonic History of Western North America

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