Set Dec. 3-5 in Houston

ATC Back – And Bigger

Online registration remains open for a conference that’s been called the “best of the best” for its technical program and cutting-edge approach to 21st century exploration in the world’s most challenging but potentially rewarding environment.

The second Arctic Technology Conference will be held Dec. 3-5 in Houston at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

More than 1,400 attendees from 23 countries attended the inaugural ATC in 2011, and pre-registration totals indicate this year’s meeting could be even larger.

ATC is built upon the Offshore Technology Conference’s model of offering a multidisciplinary approach to its technical program, which features nearly 150 papers and posters.

“This ATC is a conference you don’t want to miss if you work the Arctic,” said AAPG Honorary member and ATC chair John Hogg.

“The Arctic is the final frontier for oil and gas exploration and development,” he said. “Our second ATC takes what we learned from our inaugural conference and builds a conference with more focus on flow assurance, oil spill cleanup and half a dozen high quality panels on key Arctic issues.

“The ATC conference brings together the best of the best,” Hogg added, “industry geoscientists and engineers, academics and executives, to learn, share and meet other Arctic experts.”

AAPG’s official representatives on the ATC committee also include Michael Enachescu, MGM Energy Corp.; Don Gautier, U.S. Geological Survey; and David Schoderbek, Conoco-Phillips.

The conference will begin with a plenary session, co-chaired by Hogg and Han Tiebout, offering talks on:

  • The Norwegian Arctic: Outlook and Perspectives (Jostein Mykletan, Consul General of Norway).
  • Offshore Arctic Oil and Gas Activity Profile: Policy and Market Drivers and Restraints to Offshore Hydrocarbons Development in the Arctic (Jamie Balmer, Infield Systems).
  • The TOTAL Adventure in the Arctic (Michael Borrell, Total E&P).
  • 2012 – A Pivotal Year for Arctic Oil and Gas (Robert Blaauw, Shell Oil).

Other meeting highlights include:

  • Four panel discussions, on “Flow Assurance Challenges and Arctic Production,” “Oil Spill Preparedness,” “Regulatory Governance” and “Future Directions for R&D Between Industry and Academia.”
  • Four topical luncheons, on “Russian Arctic Petroleum Resources,” “The New Route for Tanker Operators,” “Shell’s 2012 Arctic Exploration: What Happened and What’s Next” and “Statoil Crossing Arctic Energy Frontiers.”
  • Two topical breakfasts, on “Rolling the Dice on the Ice – Acquiring Geophysical Data in the Arctic Ocean” and “A Tale of Two Icebreakers: Geophysical Surveying in the High Arctic.”

Complete technical program details and registration information can be found at the ATC website .

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