ICE Awardees Announced

In Singapore, for the first time in AAPG history, the technical paper and poster winners for an AAPG International Conference and Exhibition were announced onsite at the conclusion of the event.

The winning technical works for Singapore are:

Gabriel Dengo Award for Best International Paper – to John Tinnin, with Halcon Resources in Houston, for the paper “Case Study Demonstrating the Ability of 3D/3C Seismic to Predict Natural Fractures and Petrophysical Properties of Shale.”

His co-author was Ron Harris, of Anadarko Petroleum, Houston.

The Ziad Beydoun Memorial Award for Best International Poster – to Bodo Katz, David M. Sibley and Adam J. Vonk, all with Chevron in Perth, Australia, for the poster “Balancing Depositional Concepts and Seismic Attributes in Reservoir Models of Fluvial Deposits at Wheatstone, Northwest Shelf Australia.”

The Carlos Walter M. Campos Memorial Award for Best International Student Paper – to Apoorv Agarwal, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India, for “Increasing of Fracture Conductivity of CBM Wells by Restimulating Fractures by Use of LWC Proppant and TSO Design.”

The Ozan Sungurlu Memorial Award for Best International Student Poster ­– to Maisi Riswanty, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, for “Sequence Stratigraphy-Facies Analysis and Stylolite-Fracture Characterization Related to Porosity-Permeability in Carbonate Facies of Rajamandala Formation of Cikamuning Area, West Java-Indonesia.”

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