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GeoCare Adds Annuities To Member Portfolios

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

A new membership benefit – a tool to use when planning for a financially secure future – is now available for AAPG members.

GeoCare Fixed Annuities, a first-of-its-kind benefit for national professional associations, provides members with “an exceptionally high level of annuity consulting expertise,” said Terry Hollrah, chairman of the Committee on Group Insurance.

With GeoCare Fixed Annuities, members have a choice of policies from highly rated insurance companies and a GeoCare adviser to help select one that best suits their needs, Hollrah said.

The service provider is FSD Financial Services, an independent and experienced provider of national annuity brokerage services.

An annuity basically performs the opposite function of life insurance – because it promises to distribute benefits during the lifetime of an individual instead of upon his/her death.

A “fixed” annuity is an annuity that has a fixed rate of return that is guaranteed by the insurance company – you can get 100 percent of your investment back and provide income payments that you cannot outlive during your retirement years.

Due to stock market declines and volatility, fixed annuities recently have seen a dramatic increase in popularity as a high-quality personal and financial planning tool, Hollrah said. Annuities are now considered an acceptable and attractive alternative to CDs, stocks and mutual funds.

“For someone who wants a guaranteed income or wants to accumulate assets that are guaranteed to increase every year, a fixed annuity is exceptionally suitable,” he said.

Options include:

♦The number one fixed annuity product across all ages is a single premium deferred annuity, providing an attractive alternative to lower-yielding CDs with interest rates that are guaranteed from three to 10 years.

♦The indexed annuity pays a return linked to the S&P 500 index, and guarantees no losses in a down market.

♦The immediate annuity pays a guaranteed lifetime income, with available inflation protection and a 100 percent money-back refund guarantee.

The indexed and immediate benefits can be two to three times what can otherwise be obtained with current yields.

For more information or a free consultation contact FSD Financial Services and ask for a GeoCare adviser, at 800-373-9697; or

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