Four Bylaws Proposals on Agenda

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

AAPG House delegates will consider four bylaws changes proposed by the Constitution & Bylaws Committee, according to HoD Chairman David H. Hawk.

The proposals:

♦ Provide for Certified Members to be a new classification of membership in AAPG.

♦ Provide for termination of Student membership 24 months after termination of academic enrollment and reclassification of certain students as Associates 24 months after termination of academic enrollment.

♦ Provide for individuals occupying certain AAPG positions to be ineligible for certain honors and awards and for nomination to certain Association positions.

♦ Provides for gender-neutral references “chair” instead of “chairman” and “committee members” instead of “committeemen.”

The proposed bylaws have been made available to the House delegates and the membership via e-mail and is available on the AAPG website.

The C&BL Committee is chaired by Peter M. Lloyd and include members Donald D. Clarke, David J. Entzminger, Steven Goolsby, John R. Hogg and Dwight M. “Clint” Moore.

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