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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

AAPG’s online member application site has been renovated – and Member Services is excited about it.

Vicki Beighle, manager of AAPG Member Services Department, says simplification of the membership application process is the new site’s best feature.

“It’s easy, fast and, unlike previous versions, applicants can remit payment with submission of the form,” Beighle said.

“An applicant can save the application in order to complete later,” she noted. “It also gives members email feedback about what steps of the process they have completed.”

Member applicants can select the graduated dues plan that fits their income. Student applicants can exercise the option of the Chevron sponsorship.

Knowing where applicants are within the processing of their application is an asset. Previously, applicants could wait as long as one month before getting feedback.

Data entry by staff is eliminated, too, as all details go directly into the membership database.

The end result is a quicker completion of the application process.

Go For a Spin?

Let’s take a quick spin through the new online application system.

There are two ways to get there:

  • Via the AAPG Site Short Cuts dropdown menu – just select “Join Online.”
  • Via the page’s left navigation menu – roll over “About AAPG” and select “How to Join,” or by selecting “Join Online.”

Put on your “new applicant hat” and let’s begin.

  • First stop should be “How to Join,” to read about the different types of membership, a review of the Code of Ethics included with the AAPG Constitution and Bylaws, and where you can learn about the graduated dues program.
  • Next, choose “Join Online” – and since you’ve never purchased anything from AAPG, you’ll select “new account.” Here you submit your account basic details including a password of your choice.
  • This opens the “profile update” window. Upon completing all required fields you click “update profile.” If any information is left out, you will be prompted to complete the missing data.

Upon successfully updating, a validation email is sent to the email you provided

  • You are now ready to submit your application. So, locate and select “New Applications” in the gold navigation bar.

Choose the applicable form option that applies to you. As a new applicant you’ll want to choose from one of the top four in the list.

The resulting description explains your selection – and if it is correct, click “apply online.” If not, hit the back button or click “New Applications” again and make a different selection.

The previous information you provided is carried forward into the full application. Member applicants are asked for education background, work history, the names of three sponsors and graduated dues options. However, if you’d prefer to not enter each of this data, you may upload one document that includes all this information.

Student applicants are asked only for education background details.

At the very end of this page the options of submitting, saving or deleting your application are available.

Once all information is completed, click “submit.” At this step you’ll be asked for valid credit card details to complete the process.

A confirmation of your submission will be shown on screen and an email is sent with your member number and other details.

Once submitted, you may log back into the system and check the status of your application under the “Submitted Applications” link in the gold navigation bar.

When your application has been accepted you will be notified via email and your status will change in the “Submitted Applications” web page.

Anyone wishing to apply to join the AAPG may use this application process. All start with “New Application” in the gold bar at the top of the Profile Update.

All applicants receive confirmation emails after each submission so be sure to approve “aapg.org” in your email client address book so notifications will land in your Inbox.

Brought to You By …

Conceiving and instituting these membership processing enhancements required a team effort at HQ; Brian McBroom, member services specialist, was tasked with oversight of this project, working closely with AAPG’s project manager, Kerrie Chamberlain, in AAPG’s Information Technology Department.

Their collaborative effort has not only provided a membership application management system that works well for the new applicant, but the behind-the-scenes benefits that speed up the entire application process.

Good browsing!

Next column: Other options for membership application will be reviewed in the new online AAPG Applications Management tool.

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Student Members Must Apply Online

The system for processing student AAPG membership applications has changed – as of August, all student applications must be done online.

AAPG will no longer accept or process paper student applications. All student applicants – including those wishing to utilize Chevron sponsorship – will be required to complete the online form.

Fortunately, AAPG recently updated its online application process, making it easier than ever to join – even if the applicant chooses to remit payment directly.

AAPG recently has been processing about 500 new student applications each month, and the number continues to increase each year. The online application process is faster, more efficient, economical and helps avoid incomplete data fields and/or incorrect interpretation of handwritten information.

We are very excited about this new capability and the increased efficiency and communication it will allow us to provide our members.