‘Deep Index’ Coming

The Datapages Exploration Objects (DEO) Project, a deep indexing program of “exploration elements” used by E&P professionals, has been approved by the Datapages’ governing board and should be available for subscribers and users later this year.

The project will be headed by AAPG member and Datapages board member Peter Wigley, who created a similar deep indexing database for the Exploration Fabric of Africa (EFA) Project last year

“We estimate nearly half a million maps, photos, well logs, etc., in the Datapages Combined Archives database,” Wigley said. “And we can add georeferencing values and metadata files to each one so these can be easily imported to a desktop GIS application.

“The possibilities,” he said, “are huge.”

AAPG member Ed Picou, also on the Datapages board, said the project “takes our GIS program to the next level.

“This may be the single most important thing Datapages has done, certainly in the last 10 years,” Picou said.

Datapages Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of AAPG, is the digital publisher for AAPG and the geoscience community. It digitally captures geological publications ­– including the services of the Archives, Search and Discovery, and GIS-UDRIL – and archives them to electronic media, thereby ensuring their future viability.

In confirming the DEO project and endorsing the technology model, AAPG’s GIS Publications Committee reinforced the concept, saying in its report that a GIS-based search portal, with spatial and keyword search capabilities utilizing a metadata index, “is the most effective solution and is considered to be an industry standard.”

For more information about DEO or the Datapages programgo online to datapages.com, or contact Wigley.

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YouTube Channel

The AAPG YouTube Channel now has a playlist of all awards presented at the opening session of the AAPG 2012 Annual Convention and Exhibition in Long Beach, Calif.

You will find individual videos for each award presented in the Sundaay session – and in videos where several people are honored, such as for service or activities, you can take the time line bar and move it to the place where your person of interest is shown.

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New Feature for Meetings

The meetings landing page has consolidated all meetings of interest to AAPG members and the industry.

The page’s default display is all meetings either run by or associated with AAPG; a click of the display box just under the page headline will cause all other meetings to appear.

All of these columns are sortable, and if you hold down the shift key it will sort on all selected. In other words, you may sort by date and then by location by holding down the shift key while you click on those columns.

Simply refresh the page to start over.

We’ve also provided you a Section/ Region sort to help you gather meetings geographically.

See the Web blog (blog.aapg.org/ web) for more details.

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