Delegates to Study AAPG Structure

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
George R. Bole
George R. Bole

A very important topic will be opened for discussion at the AAPG House of Delegates (HoD) meeting in Denver on Sunday, June 7.

The Executive Committee is seeking feedback, questions and comments relative to a Global Corporate Structure (GCS) for AAPG, asking the Delegates to provide a “sense of the House” for a GCS to be implemented over the next two years.

Materials have been made available to Delegates to review via the Delegates Voice and the website. Delegates should review these materials prior to the HoD meeting – and contact us immediately if you have questions.

A GCS was anticipated by the Association’s Strategic Plan, and the concept has been under development for the past several years. It basically involves needing to incorporate the Association in a way that will protect our assets as we continue to provide services to our members in the international and domestic arena.

For this, some restructuring likely will be needed.

There will be no loss in benefits and services to the membership under a GCS. A report has been prepared by a “Presidential Committee” of four and is in a format to be presented to the HoD.

This committee report and other background information was distributed to the Delegates in early May for review and consideration. It included among other things:

  • An executive summary that shows reasons why a GCS is needed, how it can further the goals of AAPG and the advantages that a GCS affords the Association members.
  • A flowchart to be used to effect the change.
  • A proposed structure for a GCS, accompanied by legal opinions from our council backed by legal opinions from attorneys who specialize in setting up GCSs.
  • An analysis and assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of similar global models, and the pros and cons of applying these models to AAPG.
  • A “ballpark” estimate of the cost of implementation.
  • Frequently Asked Questions on the Web site, where members can provide feedback and input to the plan.

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Special Note to Delegates

Please review the information on the proposed Global Corporate Structure prior to our meeting in Denver – and come prepared to move AAPG forward as a global organization by providing your input to the “special committee’s” report.

If you cannot make the Denver meeting, please try to find an alternate to attend in your place.