ICE 2014: History in the Making

There’s still time to register for a historic conference that promises to bring together the best of the worlds of science and industry.

This year’s AAPG International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) will be held Sept. 14-17 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The theme for the meeting – hosted by the Turkish Association of Petroleum Geologists and the AAPG Europe and Middle East Regions – is “The Spirit Between Continents: Energy Geosciences in a Changing World.”

ICE 2014 marks the first time an AAPG international conference will be held in Istanbul – but that’s not the only new dynamic being offered.

This meeting also marks the first time the APPEX Regional meeting will be held in conjunction with an ICE.

In other words, the best of the world’s science and cutting-edge technology will be presented along with opportunities to take advantage of that in practical ways.

APPEX is an exploration-themed conference and exhibition, specifically dedicated to the E&P sector, which provides a venue for upstream E&P principals, senior managers, business developers and new venture managers to network and do business with NOCs, governments, financiers and global E&P deal-makers.

In addition to the networking and deal-making potential, APPEX also offers a variety of talks and sessions dealing with exploration opportunities in Turkey, the Black Sea region, Russia, Poland, Croatia, Montenegro, Iraq and other areas in the eastern Mediterranean and central-eastern Europe regions.

Organizers expect APPEX Regional to complement the ICE technical program, which itself was developed from a record number of 820 abstracts and will provide the latest in science – not only for regional plays, but also geological advances from around the world.

The technical program themes include:

  • New and Emerging E&P Provinces.
  • E&P in Mature Basins.
  • Regional Geology and Tectonics.
  • G&G Integration.
  • Unconventional Resources.
  • Conventional Resources.
  • Petroleum Systems and Geochemistry.
  • Siliciclastics and Carbonates.
  • Structural Geology and Traps.
  • Health, Safety, Environment Geology and Hydrogeology.
  • History of Petroleum Geology.

Several special forums are planned, including:

  • Technical Innovation and Collaboration – Keys to Affordable Energy.
  • Tethys Evolution.
  • Sessions honoring the careers and work of AAPG legendary geologists Peter Ziegler and Dave Roberts.
  • The newest presentation of the Discovery Thinking Forum, this time offering specific talks on northern Iraq, India’s Barmer Basin, Yemen’s Habban Field and Oman’s Mabrouk deep gas discovery.

The conference is expected to get off to an exciting start – Turkey’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yildiz is scheduled to be speaking, along with other regional and international officials.

This year’s topical luncheon will feature professor A.M. Celal Sengör, from Istanbul Technical University, talking about “Was the Geology of the Aegean Responsible for the Rise of the Human Civilization?”

Complete ICE details and registration information can be found online.

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