Announcement Readied for Cape Town

It’s been discussed for months, but now the planning can get serious for the next AAPG International Conference and Exhibition (ICE).

The official announcement for this year’s ICE, set Oct. 26-29 in Cape Town, South Africa, is expected to be available in late May.

In it you’ll find the information on the location, speakers, special events and the entire technical program, built on the theme “African Energy – Global Impact.”

The technical program itself will have more than 70 sessions that are built around “the big five” symbols of Africa’s animal kingdom – specific themes that reflect the geology, history, culture and potential of Africa. They are:

  • The Elephant – A Steady Advance: “Deepwater: Ancient Analogues, Current Technologies, Future Opportunities.”
  • The Leopard – Unraveling Secrets: “Advances in Geoscience and Allied Disciplines.”
  • The Black Rhino – Turned Around From Near Extinction: “Next Generation Tools and Technologies.”
  • The Lion King – Roar of the Future: “The New Business of Energy.”
  • Cape Buffalo – Beauty and the Beast: “Gondwana and Pangean Petroleum Systems: Exploration, Development and Production – Emerging Plays, Lessons and Analogs.”

In addition, the program offers 16 short courses, eight field trips and several special forums, including:

  • The potential impact of the oil industry’s looming demographic crisis.
  • The role of the independent in west African exploration and production.
  • Keynote talks on subjects ranging from mega-tectonics of Africa to exploration case studies circum Africa.
  • Global climate change.

Pre-registration is expected to open in mid-May, as well.

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