DPA: Rules.‘Don’t Break ‘em’

Citing the need for more energy resources, Texas Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones told the Division of Professional Affairs luncheon attendees there’s a lot of potential still untapped.

One of the “potentials” she cited is the super-deep deposits, noting that of the 18,000 or so drilling permits granted last year, only 30 were deeper than 20,000 feet.

She also said the U.S. energy policy is anemic and called for opening of federal lands for exploration, including the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.

She knows a little bit about the oil patch, being a sixth generation Texan, the daughter of 50-year AAPG member Gene Ames Jr. and the brother of Gene Ames III, chairman of the San Antonio AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition.

In the course of her presentation, Ames Jones clicked off a number of the names of long-time friends and acquaintances in the room, noting the accomplishments and contributions many had made to the industry in the past.

As a member of the commission that regulates the state’s oil and gas, propane, mining and intrastate pipeline industries, Ames Jones also told the group “the rules that are in place are in the best interest of everyone. Don’t break ‘em.”

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