Reduced Registration Price Deadline Looms

An important deadline is coming fast for those who will be attending this year’s AAPG International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Register online by the Aug. 12 early deadline and you’ll save up to $255 off the regular registration fee.

Register early and you’ll also beat the rush for flights and accommodations for the meeting.

The conference will be held Oct. 26-29 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, designed around the theme “African Energy, Global Impact.”

Online you can find information about the entire technical program – including short courses, field trips, geological and social trips/tours and 70-plus sessions built around “the big five” symbols of Africa’s animal kingdom – topics that cover the latest in science­, technology and activity from around the world.

Those themes are:

  • The Elephant – A Steady Advance: “Deepwater: Ancient Analogues, Current Technologies, Future Opportunities.”
  • The Leopard – Unraveling Secrets: “Advances in Geoscience and Allied Disciplines.”
  • The Black Rhino – Turned Around From Near Extinction: “Next Generation Tools and Technologies.”
  • The Lion King – Roar of the Future: “The New Business of Energy.”
  • Cape Buffalo – Beauty and the Beast: “Gondwanan and Pangean Petroleum Systems: Exploration, Development and Production – Emerging Plays, Lessons and Analogs.”

In addition, the Cape Town program offers:

  • A plenary session dealing with African energy.
  • Four special forums, dealing with the geoscience work force of the future; the Lusi mud volcano; global climate change (from an African perspective); and the role of small and independent companies in Africa’s future.
  • An African deepwater core poster session.
  • A featured speaker luncheon offering the talk “The Four-Billion-Year Existence of Life – Africa’s Role in Understanding This Remarkable Story,” given by Bruce Rubidge, director of the Bernard Price Institute for Palaeontological Research at the University of Witwatersrand.
  • The AAPG Distinguished Lecturer Luncheon, featuring Lynn N. Hughes, a judge with the U.S. District Court in Houston and this year’s AAPG distinguished lecturer of ethics, speaking on “Dilemmas in Trust.”

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