Call for Abstracts Opens Online For Denver ACE

The call for abstracts is now open for the next AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, which will be held May 31-June 3 in Denver.

The meeting will be held at the Colorado Convention Center. ACE was most recently held in Denver in 2009, when the meeting drew 7,452 attendees.

The ACE 2015 overall theme is “Exploring the Summit of Petroleum Geosciences,” and organizers intend to craft a technical program that is international in scope and appealing to multiple geosciences disciplines.

The call for abstracts seeks presentations to fill 13 diverse and timely technical areas.

Those session themes are:

Unconventional Resources.

(Subthemes include sessions on tight oil plays; new technologies in unconventionals; insights from pilot projects in unconventional resources; and tight gas sandstones, including horizontal drilling applications, among others.)

Developments and Discoveries: From Known to Re-Emergent.

Carbonates and Evaporites.


Structure, Tectonics and Geomechanics.

Energy and the Environment.

Geochemistry, Basin Modeling and Petroleum Systems.

Geophysics: Integration, Inversion and Illumination.

The Other Unconventionals: The Expanding World of Energy Minerals.

Core – The Ultimate Source of Underground Truth.

(The core poster session will be a full-day event, held in a secure room.)

The Past Is the Key to the Present! History of Facets of Petroleum Geology.

SEPM Research Symposium – Channels: From Geomorphic Expression to Stratigraphic Record.

AAPG and SEPM Student Poster Sessions.

Also, exhibit space for the Denver meeting is now available – an annual showcase of the latest in technology and geoscience information. The exhibit hall also features the International Pavilion, which is a global showcase for countries promoting exploration and investment opportunities.

To submit an abstract, sign up for exhibit space or get general information about the meeting, go online to

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