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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Twenty-nine audio-video presentations from this year’s AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in San Antonio have been posted to Search and Discovery, AAPG’s electronic journal.

Included in the San Antonio collection is the much discussed, standing-room-only Discovery Thinking Forum, featuring presentations by Marlan Downey, Bob Gunn, Alfredo Guzman, Dudley Hughes, Herbert Hunt and Clayton Williams.

The session was co-chaired by Charles Sternbach and Ted Beaumont.

Other San Antonio audio-video presentations now available include:

  • The Interactive Forum on Global Climate Change, co-chaired by J.R. Levine and John Armentrout.
  • Reservoir Characterization for EOR/IOR and Bypassed Pay-Case Studies, co-chaired by M. Pranter and A.P. Byrnes.
  • An Overview of Shale Gas Resources, co-chaired by Brian Cardott and M. Bustin.

All can be viewed by going to and clicking on “Audio-Video Representations from Presentation at 2008 Annual Convention.”

Having the ability to see and hear these exciting sessions from your own office or home computer is almost as good as experiencing it first-hand, so don’t delay. Check out Search and Discovery today.  

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