Directors Named for New Offices

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

The third quarter of 2009 brought several staffing transitions as AAPG continues its global outreach. We say farewell to Steve Veal and welcome to Adrienne Pereira and Jeremy Richardson.

Richardson and Pereira both traveled to AAPG headquarters in Tulsa in early November for non-stop orientation and training – and they emerged from the training newly equipped and knowledgeable in AAPG’s education and training programs, member services and global marketing capacity.

“Please join me in welcoming Adrienne and Jeremy to AAPG,” said AAPG President John Lorenz. “I ask that you extend them both all courtesies in their efforts to support and grow our organization and share any ideas you may have for AAPG’s development in the Regions.”

Welcome Adrienne Pereira
Adrienne Pereira
Adrienne Pereira

AAPG engaged Adrienne Pereira in September to work with the Association in the Asia Pacific Region as an independent contractor. She will continue in this capacity while AAPG incorporates as a charitable organization in Singapore.

Pereira brings a wealth of experiences from conference marketing, logistics and management to government protocol and staff development.

Alan Wegener, AAPG Global Development and Conventions director, views Adrienne’s position strategically.

“With Asia’s robust growth and a diverse and motivated Region leadership, AAPG has incredible opportunities in Asia,” Wegener said. “Adrienne has the drive and expertise to help cultivate the contacts and relationships we’ll need to build membership and develop new programs.

“With more than 24 years experience building and planning events in Singapore, she’s traveled and worked with professionals from most countries,” he said. “That’s extremely important, because she understands the cultural nuances and how business gets done.”

Working closely with Asia Pacific Region officers, AAPG Regions management, AAPG affiliated societies and other interested parties, Pereira will help develop and deliver new programs and services to members and other geosciences professionals of the Region. Plans already are under way for offering Geosciences Technology Workshops (GTWs), short courses, topical conferences and symposia in the coming year.

Based in Singapore, Pereira also will enable AAPG to build closer relationships with the area’s key NOCs, IOCs and services companies.

Joe Lambiase, Asia Pacific Region president, sees Pereira as a welcome addition to the regional team.

“AAPG membership has been expanding rapidly in our geographically and culturally diverse region, and we feel fortunate to have someone as capable as Adrienne to maintain effective communication, coordinate activities and organize events,” he said. “The expertise and experience that Adrienne brings to the new Regional Office in Singapore will be a catalyst for accelerating AAPG’s already strong growth rate in Asia-Pacific.”

Welcome Jeremy Richardson
Jeremy Richardson
Jeremy Richardson

Jeremy Richardson joined AAPG as full-time London office director in October. He brings years of experience from Pennwell Corporation, where he ran the UK-based international office and was responsible for various events in Europe.

“Jeremy is a tremendous addition to the London office and our global development team,” Wegener said. “His extensive experience running energy-related events and publications, coupled with proven entrepreneurial skills, fits well with our strategic plans and initiatives in Europe.

“He’s going to complement our strong group of Region leaders and existing staff and quickly bring new ideas and programs for members,” he added.

European Region President Dave Cook agreed.

“Jeremy brings to the organization strong skills in office management, publication sales, marketing, communication and events,” Cook said. “One of his first tasks will be to improve Web-based communications between the European Region and the membership.”

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Veal Passes Reins of London Office

Steve Veal
Steve Veal

It takes a certain kind of person to take the first step to prove a new idea. That kind of entrepreneur is Steve Veal, who in 2006 became the director of AAPG’s first international office in London. Now, after three-and-one-half years of firmly establishing AAPG’s presence in the European Region, Veal is moving on to focus full time on his own company, DCX Resources.

We thank Steve for his contribution to the globalization of AAPG.

Heading the first international office meant Veal carried responsibility for many “firsts,” such as securing office space, hiring office staff, building relationships in the UK and with AAPG’s affiliated societies and international sister organizations. During his tenure Veal initiated local events, providing essential services to European Region geoscientists“The Region has benefited enormously from Steve’s creativity and enthusiasm in his position over the past few years,” said European Region President David Cook.