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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
The newly designed AAPG Africa Region website, upgraded to encourage more communication, organization and participation.
The newly designed AAPG Africa Region website, upgraded to encourage more communication, organization and participation.

The AAPG Africa Region has launched a new, distinctly African Web site, emblazoned with vibrant colors from red to yellow and blue.

The colors and newly upgraded site convey a new level of activity from the Region.

Africa’s Web site will refresh quarterly and promises to deliver timely, relevant information on regional events and happenings – and it also will carry more timely information as events warrant.

“In light of AAPG’s global growth, the Region leadership has made it their singular purpose to build and rebuild the Africa Region infrastructure to support high levels of inter- and intra-regional interaction,” said Africa Region President James Agbenorto. “Hence, the launching of this Web site and e-newsletter has been a key action item for our Region.”

Editorial Board

Africa is the world’s second largest continent in terms of geographic area. But AAPG Africa Region leaders help connect distant points on the map with representation from Morocco and Egypt in the north, Ghana and Nigeria in western and central Africa, and South Africa at the continent’s southern tip.

The region’s Web site editorial board members connect the diverse countries of Africa, while also bringing news from the main governing bodies of AAPG’s organization.

Web site editorial board members are:

  • James Agbenorto, who connects Africa Region members with information from around the world through monthly Region presidents teleconferences.
  • Almoundir Morabet, a member of the House of Delegates.
  • Joe Ejedawe, a member of the AAPG Advisory Council.

Among them, the three members bring news and insights from all three defined branches of AAPG governance.

Something New

There are several new features that will make the Web site an added value to members, including:

  • A quarterly “President’s Report” will give an overview of new developments and progress on the Region’s business plan goals.
  • In addition to links with Africa Region affiliate societies and student chapters, the new site will contain a calendar of regional events, Distinguished Lecturer visits, conferences and other educational opportunities listed by country.
  • Competition details and photos from the regional Imperial Barrel Award program will be featured prominently.
  • The new “Membership Drive” section map will illustrate the location and concentration of AAPG members in each African country.
  • To facilitate the process of joining AAPG, membership applications and instructions for completing the application forms will be posted in English, French and Arabic.

Using WordPress software, the Web site has features that enable the editorial board to easily add and edit information found there. WordPress also features a tool that notifies users when the site has been updated.

“Region growth requires AAPG to become a local provider of conferences, products and services,” Agbenorto said. “Such a move was well served by the latest 2008 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition on our continent in Cape Town.

“The Africa Region Web site and e-newsletter bring AAPG right to our member’s desktop,” he added.

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