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Probably you are aware that AAPG’s International Regions Committee (IRC) helps promote AAPG as an international organization.

You may not be aware, however, that its role has evolved in the last few years, from being a facilitator between AAPG headquarters and the international regions to helping better represent and serve the professional needs of international AAPG members across the organization.

It does this, for example, by providing counsel to the Executive Committee and leadership on ways to:

  • Enhance international membership.
  • Increase services and benefits to international members.
  • Review and recommend international education initiatives and conferences.
  • Identify and recommend international candidates for AAPG honors, awards and committee positions.

This is largely possible because the Region presidents and the vice president- Regions all sit on the IRC, which is chaired by Peter Lloyd and Marty Hewitt (both members of AAPG’s House of Delegates).

Through semi-annual meetings, monthly teleconferences and its Web site, the IRC also provides a forum for interaction between international members, their Regions and the U.S. Sections.

Increased Committee Representation

Last year the IRC embarked on a major project to systematically assure that international members were represented on committees throughout all of the AAPG structure. This initiative received great support from the Executive Committee and leadership in general, and implementation is now successfully completed.

In early 2008 there were 64 Region members among key committees. As a result of the IRC’s push to increase that number for the 2008-11 term, eight new Region members were nominated by the Region leadership and appointed by President Scott Tinker – an increase in Region representation on key AAPG committees of 12.5 percent.

IRC Web Site Updates

As the IRC has evolved, its Web site and the Web sites for each Region also have needed updating. Now the IRC Web site should be viewed more than anything as another communications tool that is circularly linked to the Regions’ sites.

For example, the IRC site provides links to contact information for AAPG headquarters, the IRC Committee and Region elected leaders. Other links lead to a calendar of meetings and annual meeting reports, as well as helpful links to Hedberg conferences, Distinguished Lecturer programs and the International Pavilion.

Also, links to the local affiliated geologic societies in each Region are embedded, which allows local meetings and conferences to be linked globally.

Thus the Web site circularly linked to the Regions sites acts as an online bulletin board.

Whether you are preparing to attend AAPG’s Annual Convention and Exhibition in Denver this June, or the International Conference and Exhibition in Rio de Janiero in November, or perhaps one of several regional conferences this calendar year, check out the IRC home page and the Web pages for each of the Regions. There you can “meet” and contact each Region’s officers via their photos and e-mail addresses.


Several Regions supplement their Web page by publishing quarterly electronic newsletters, which add local detailed news, photos and articles of interest.

These e-newsletters are compiled and created by editorial teams with assistance by AAPG staff. Region leadership provides e-newsletter oversight and final approval.

Both the European Region and Asia Pacific Region enhance AAPG member benefits for geoscientists in their parts of the world through their locally relevant news and scientific articles of regional interest.

Coming soon, the Africa Region will launch its maiden edition of an e-newsletter. Already, the newly formed editorial board is working with AAPG staff to design a uniquely African newsletter masthead. The region’s publication is sure to offer content that spans the African continent as well as up-to-date information connecting Africa Region members with all of AAPG.

Editorial Board members are Africa Region President James Agbenorto, Ghana; Advisory Council member Joe Ejedawe, Nigeria; and HoD delegate Almoundir Morabet, Morocco.

Finding the IRC Home Page

To appreciate the scope of IRC Web site resources, go to the AAPG home page, then click on “International,” then on “Committee.” From the IRC home page you can send comments to IRC co-chairs Peter Lloyd and Marty Hewitt, or link to all IRC leadership.

There also are reports from past IRC meetings and links to the Regions and Region leadership.

As AAPG continues to globalize, the role of the IRC Web site will continue to facilitate international communication among geoscientists.

After all, geology knows no borders.

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