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Foundation Announces New Award

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Approvals of funding and the establishment of a new award that honors a longtime supporter of geosciences and the Association have been announced by the AAPG Foundation’s Board of Trustees, which met recently in Tulsa.

Foundation Chairman William Fisher announced that the trustees:

  • Approved $50,000 funding in support of K-12 Education through the “Bookout Initiative” at Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute. (Made possible through a donation by John Bookout.)
  • Approved $50,000 funding for the Institute for the Study of Earth and Man at Southern Methodist University, designated to the Roy M. Huffington Department of Geological Sciences. (Made possible through a donation from Leighton Steward and EOG Resources.)
  • Approved $25,000 funding to support the AGI Foundation’s program, “Bridging the Gap Between High School and College.”
  • Approved $9,000 funding to support expenses related to the participation in the 2010 Boy Scout Association National Jamboree, which will be under the direction of Ron Hart, AAPG Datapages manager.

Established the John W. Shelton Search and Discovery Award to honor John W. Shelton, the originator and leader of AAPG’s Internet publication program.

The $500 cash award will be funded through an endowment established in the Foundation Awards Fund and will be given annually to the author of the best contribution to AAPG’s e-journal Search and Discovery during the past year.

In other Foundation news:

A new Foundation Web site has been launched that features downloadable pdf files of the Investment Policy, Annual Report and Grant Proposal Guidelines.

Two international universities, the University of Central Venezuela and the Universidad Industrial de Santander (Colombia), have provided funding to the AAPG Foundation for Digital Products University Endowment Subscriptions to benefit their respective university.

In addition, Trustee Associates Fred Tietz and Scott Tinker have jointly established a digital products subscription designated for the University of Colorado in honor of David Budd, John Chronic, Warren Thompson, Ted Walker and Paul Weimer.

These three universities will be provided access to AAPG’s digital library in perpetuity through the Foundation’s endowment program, providing over 600,000 pages of national, international and regional libraries of petroleum, geology and geophysics information.

For program details, contact the , at 918-560-2644.

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Rebecca Griffin worked as the AAPG Foundation manager until October 2010.

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