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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

This would not be possible without the generosity of remarkable individuals like you. Your contributions allow us to reach and impart knowledge to today’s young geoscientists, which is critical to the success of the business of petroleum.

Philanthropy is defined as “goodwill to fellow men,” and especially “an active effort to promote human welfare.” The AAPG Foundation has received donations from some very charitable individuals, and we are charged with balancing those resources among our many valued programs.

With your gifts, the AAPG Foundation will continue its stewardship for the betterment of the science and the profession of petroleum geology.

AAPG has a long history of advancing the science of petroleum, and is a leader among geoscientific societies. This organization has inspired so many of our industry’s professionals from their humble beginnings when they were introduced to AAPG, many by their college advisers.

Your gift to the Foundation represents your desire to reciprocate for AAPG’s continued availability through a long and rewarding career and a lifetime of esteemed friendships.

The Foundation’s financial campaign, “Meeting Challenges … Assuring Success,” is moving closer to the $35 million goal, with the latest numbers coming in at $28,455,910.

Your help is needed. If AAPG has provided services and benefits that have been instrumental in your professional growth and your desire is to see future generations gain from this culmination of vast experience and passion for the earth sciences, then now is the time. AAPG plans to be well-positioned for the challenges of the future.

Partner with AAPG today. 

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