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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Three AAPG members have joined together to provide three universities with subscriptions to the AAPG Datapages Digital Library.

Knut Henrik Jakobsson, of Stavanger, Norway, Dan Tearpock, of Houston and Foundation Trustee Associate Kevin Biddle, also of Houston, each contributed $12,500 to the Foundation’s Digital Products University Program to fund subscriptions for Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, Pa.; the University of California-Santa Cruz; and the University of Paz, Bolivia.

Their gifts provide each university with subscription to the AAPG Datapages library, and access to over 850,000 pages of maps and geosciences information – with entire geological society collections being added continually.

The gift will provide access in perpetuity to students and faculty at the schools.

In other Foundation news, the Board of Trustees recently approved two sizable grants to specially designated funds.

♦ A grant of $50,000 was approved to support production of “The Bridge,” a feature length documentary film that is currently in production.

“The Bridge” also has a permanent companion website that will educate the public about the transition from fossil fuels to alternative energies. The project’s mission is to create a culture of energy education, so that consumers can make wise energy decisions in the ways they live, the products they buy, the culture they shape – and to help ensure a secure energy future for all.

♦ A grant of $80,000 was approved to support the AAPG BULLETIN, the Association’s flagship, peer-reviewed technical journal.

For additional details of Foundation programs, visit, or donate online at

Contributions to the AAPG Foundation are tax-deductible for persons subject to U.S. income tax.

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Rebecca Griffin worked as the AAPG Foundation manager until October 2010.

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