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Expanding DPA’s International Presence

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

AAPG’s Division of Professional Affairs has been spreading its mission of “Ethics and Professionalism” for 45 years. The DPA is proud to play its part in the education and development of petroleum geoscientists.

As we move into the new fiscal year beginning July 1, we plan to build on the shoulders of the many great officers, councilors and members who have come before us.

As DPA president (2010-11), international growth will be one of my key goals for this coming year. This means expanding our presence within AAPG’s six global regions (Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific). After all, as with geology, Ethics and Professionalism does not stop at a country’s border – a strong code of ethics and professionalism is a central component to international petroleum geoscience activities.

In order to accomplish this challenging goal we are first making a DPA Bylaws change in order to obtain more representation internationally in the ranks of the DPA council. This change will allow the DPA to have at least one councilor and alternate in each of the six AAPG regions.

We plan to work closely with the presidents of each Region to help us define council candidates who posses a passion to promote the DPA within the various regions. In addition, we look to the Region presidents to provide us with their valued assistance to make this challenging goal a reality for the DPA and AAPG.

We also plan to work with the International Regions Committee (IRC) that is co-chaired by Marty Hewitt and Peter Lloyd.

Recently, the European Region appointed a new AAPG divisions’ liaison, Jeff Aldrich. I am confident that Jeff will provide invaluable assistance in supporting the DPA’s international growth goal.

In order to bring value to the DPA membership in the United States we plan to engage our councilors and alternates to work closely with regional societies to offer continuing education courses and luncheon seminars on ethics, professionalism and special technical topics.

We also plan to participate at each of the AAPG Section meetings, as well as the AAPG annual and international conventions.

I encourage any DPA member who recognizes the need for one of DPA’s activities in your area to please contact your councilor, Norma Newby at AAPG headquarters, or me.

Grassroots participation by DPA members is an effective way of identifying local opportunities for the DPA to support and bring value to its members.

During the past year DPA hosted a Town Hall meeting in Oklahoma City. We hope to host additional Town Hall meetings in the coming year, and I strongly recommend that each DPA councilor and alternate consider the possibility of hosting a Town Hall meeting in your area.

Town Halls provide an additional opportunity for the DPA to bring value to its local members – and present to potential new members the DPA legacy, current activities and overall benefits of DPA membership.

AAPG and DPA members meet twice a year in Washington, D.C., to meet with congressional staff. The most recent meeting was held May 10-12. Over two days, they met with agencies and congressional staff talking about the role of energy in the economy and work force, the need for access to land for E&P and the importance of federal oil and gas R&D.

Led by DPA Governmental Affairs Committee chair Deborah Sacrey, the delegation included Paul Britt, Ross Clark, Mary Harris, Larry Jones, Sarah Jones, Pete MacKenzie, Dan Smith and Gerrit Wind. (See related story, page 31.)

Finally, I wish to welcome the newly elected councilors and alternates (term 2010-13):

  • Mid-Continent – Joel A. Alberts (councilor) and David Tschopp (alternate).
  • Southwest Section – Gregg A. Norman (councilor) and David Entzminger (alternate).
  • Gulf Coast Section – William R. Meany and Stewart Chuber (councilors), and Timothy J. Bennett and Chandler Wilhelm (alternates).

As incoming DPA president I look forward to an exciting and positive year. I am confident that our officers, councilors, alternates and members will offer their support to reach our goals and provide benefits to our members.

I wish to thank Paul Britt – president and the entire Executive Committee for their leadership during the past year. Thanks for a job well done.


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The Division of Professional Affairs (DPA), a division of AAPG, seeks to promote professionalism and ethical standards, provide a means for professional certification of petroleum geologists, coal geologists, and petroleum geophysicists, assist in career planning, and improve the professional well-being of AAPG members. For more information about the DPA and its activities, visit the DPA website.

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