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You may be pondering which worthy organizations you’d like to support in your end-of-the-year giving. If so, we truly hope you include the AAPG Foundation in your plans.

The AAPG Foundation has been providing grants, publications, lectures, education, leadership opportunities and many other resources since 1967. No doubt, these initiatives are important to you – together, we’re supporting the geosciences profession as well as the general public.

Your support of AAPG Foundation programs is crucial to our success and reflects your personal commitment to fulfilling our mission.

We know you may wish to support a specific program or support the Foundation’s work in a more general way. Whatever your desire, we are proud that 100 percent of your contribution will go to the program(s) that you designate. You may designate your contribution to many AAPG Foundation funds.

Or, if you choose not to designate a specific fund, your gift will be placed in the General Fund.

Please consider a program or two that personally speaks to you. Some of our programs are:

  • Grants-in-Aid Graduate Program – The overarching goal of the AAPG Foundation’s Grants-in-Aid program is to promote research in the geosciences. Grants provide financial assistance to graduate students (currently enrolled in master’s or doctorate programs) whose thesis research has application to the search for and development of petroleum and energy-mineral resources and/or to related environmental geology issues.

There currently are 90 grants available, but more are needed. In 2013, we were only able to award 18 percent of the students who applied.

A gift of any size will help build the award amounts; a gift of $25,000 will ensure an annual grant of $1,000 for a student for years to come.

  • James A. Hartman Student Chapter Leadership Summit – This event is held annually during AAPG Leadership Days. During the summit attendees participate in training, collaborate with other leadership throughout AAPG and establish mentoring relationships.

This program encourages and supports the future leaders of the petroleum geoscience community.

  • Excellence in Teaching Awards – The AAPG Foundation offers two teaching awards acknowledging teachers who excel in geoscience education (one at the K-12 level and the other at the collegiate level), to individuals who shine in their respective fields.
  • The Imperial Barrel Award – This joint program between AAPG and the AAPG Foundation is a celebrated annual prospective basin evaluation competition for geoscience graduate students from universities around the world. University teams compete to win scholarship funds for their geoscience department and the international recognition that comes from competing or winning in the competition.

The program is rigorous and contributes to AAPG’s mission of promoting petroleum geoscience training and advancing the careers of geoscience students. The IBA is a hands-on opportunity for students to experience the creative process and the high-tech science that is required in today’s energy industry.

  • The Distinguished Lecture Program – This program supports lecture tours on pertinent geoscience topics to universities and geological groups throughout the world, annually reaching more than 300 affiliated groups.

Distinguished Lecturers are unpaid volunteers who embark on two- or three-week tours. Being recognized as respected scientific leaders in their specialties is a requirement of selection for this honor.

Distinguished Lecturers dedicate themselves to spreading their knowledge and educating and promoting the geosciences to other geoscientists, students and the general public.

  • The Visiting Geoscientists Program – this program has provided campus visits by active and experienced geoscientists for over 30 years, and it’s still going strong today. Professional geoscientists are sharing their experiences and career insights with students throughout the United States, Canada and more than 30 other countries worldwide.
  • Amoruso Special Publications – Special publications provide geoscience industry professionals with focused and timely studies on critical scientific topics.
  • Newly Released Publications Program-University Subscription –Members can support students at their alma mater through the AAPG Foundation’s Newly Released Publications Program-University Subscription. By establishing a named fund at the school, students can directly benefit with access to new geology publications.

Through your gift, a set of newly released publications is mailed annually to the university of your choosing; a one-time gift of $13,250 will establish a Newly Released Publications Program-University Subscription in the name of your designated university.

Each publication will have a bookplate attached in the front inside flap; you may choose to honor the donor, an esteemed colleague, family member or someone else worthy of your gift. The donor will receive a certificate to recognize their contribution.

A gift to the AAPG Foundation presents an amazing opportunity for future generations of geology students to have the best resources available, and your alma mater will continue to educate the leaders in our field.

Digital Products – University Subscription

Through your contribution, students and faculty at your designated university receives online access to the entire AAPG digital library, which is comprised of over one million pages of map and geological information.

A one-time gift will establish a subscription in the name of your designated university. There are two contribution options:

  • A gift of $15,545 will initiate the subscription right away, with $545 paying the first year’s annual subscription fee to Datapages. The remaining $15,000 will be placed in a permanently restricted fund, which will accrue earnings annually. Those earnings will pay the annual subscription fee.
  • Your gift honors the donor, an esteemed colleague, a family member, a great teacher or someone of your choosing. The name of the honoree and/or the donor can be prominently mentioned on the university’s access page. A certificate will be sent to the university for display.

To donate, you can contribute online at, or contact toll free by phone (855) 302-2743; fax (918) 560-2642; by email; or mail, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, Okla. 74101.

The AAPG Foundation continues to be a strong support to this and future generations of geoscientists, thanks to you.

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Natalie Adams served as the AAPG Foundation manager from October 2010 through April 2014.

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