Students Reap Benefits From Foundation Gifts

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Leaders from student chapters across the globe attended the recent Student Chapter Leadership Summit and AAPG Leadership Days in Tulsa, where they learned how to increase the success of student chapters as well as prepare for the professional world of petroleum geology and engineering.

This annual event is made possible by contributions from James A. Hartman and the AAPG Foundation.

“Bringing students together at the SCLS and making them a part of the annual Leadership Days is paramount to ensuring the vitality of the next generation’s geoscientists,” said AAPG Secretary Richard Ball, who with Bryant Fulk helped organized the event.

Many mentoring opportunities exist at Leadership Days, which is AAPG’s annual networking and training event.

During the event, student chapter leaders are paired to establish relationships between universities with different strengths to share technical and organizational resources. This is done to encourage international cooperation via student bonds, which will grow into professional connections.

Many use the time to plan and organize international field trips, set up Skype lectures featuring distinguished speakers and to brainstorm regarding fundraising and event planning.

And to support future geoscientist leaders, donate to the AAPG Foundation today.

Letters continue to pour into the Foundation office from Grants-In-Aid recipients, expressing appreciation for their awards.

Peter Hawk, a master’s student at the University of Adelaide, Australia, writes:

I would like to express my appreciation of receiving the 2013 Jean G. Funkhouser Memorial Grant. The grant will be utilized toward my project – Evaluation of Petroleum Systems on the Billiuna Shelf and Adjacent Structural Regions, Eastern Canning Basin. I endeavor to utilize the award to partially fund a source rock study with samples collected from the West Australian Core Library.

I would like to thank the contributors to the Memorial Grant and the AAPG Foundation’s Grants-In-Aid program for their donations and generosity.

I believe that gestures such as this go a long way toward encouraging comprehensive academic activities.

The AAPG Foundation fiscal year ended June 30 and contributions were impressive, totaling more than $2.7 million.

We can’t express too many times how much we appreciate every gift.

Designations were made to 28 different funds. Bob and Carol Gunn’s $1 million gift to the General Fund will enable the Trustees to allocate more funding to proposals all over the globe. Thousands of other donations were made to support everything from education and scholarships to professorial grants and publications.

To help the AAPG Foundation provide more scholarships and other much-needed funding, please give today.

To donate or for more information on all of the Foundation programs, visit

Let’s make 2013-14 an even bigger year.

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