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Europe YPs Growing


North Sea rejuvenation, onshore unconventional exploration and Eastern Mediterranean exploration have resulted in a growing Young Professional (YP) demographic in Europe.

In fact, the European YPs have undergone continued growth since 2010, fueled by active YP groups and a buoyant industry.

From starting new groups to restructuring the Europe Region council’s structure, AAPG’s European YP branch is slowly but surely becoming an integral part of the organization.

Not coincidentally, over the past two years, YP activities in the Region have really taken off – there currently are four active groups in the major cities of London, England; Aberdeen, Scotland; The Hague, Netherlands; and Copenhagen, Denmark; plus one new group in Stavanger, Norway.

The London YP group has seen its share of bad and good times, but over the last two years, the London committee has been very successful in running both educational and networking events.

Since 2011, the committee has organized and carried out MSc Career Talks at major UK petroleum-focused universities, including Imperial College London, Royal Holloway, the University of Manchester and the University of Southampton.

These talks aim to highlight the day-to-day tasks expected of a YP within the industry and examine how geoscience roles vary within majors, independents and service companies.

The Aberdeen group also has carried out Career Talks at Aberdeen University, with equal success.

The Aberdeen YP group has seen an amazing transformation since disbanding in 2012. Through the much-appreciated enthusiasm and hard work of the current committee, and the support of other AAPG YP groups in Europe, the Aberdeen group is stronger than ever.

Both UK-based groups also have established a close relationship with the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB). Through this collaboration, both organizations have facilitated community growth in the YP arena and benefited from increased attendance at networking events.

More European YP activities can be found in Netherlands. The Hague group has been busy hosting seminars from experienced geoscientists, “Lunch-and-Learn” afternoons and touring AAPG Distinguished Lecturers.

The group also has established a positive relationship with the Petroleum Geologisch Krig (the Dutch network of commercial and academic professionals for petroleum exploration), creating more opportunities for co-hosted lectures and field trips

u In Denmark, the Copenhagen YP group also has been very successful. Mainly established and operated alongside Copenhagen University and GEUS (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland), this group’s monthly events cover a range of geological topics. In 2012, for example, Total gave an insightful, and controversial, seminar on unconventional exploration in northern Denmark.

Additional highlights there include hosting speakers from the Geological Society of America (GSA) and numerous industry-led workshops.

So, into the future: Where do we go now?

A motion was made following the 2012 Young Professional and Student Leadership Summit to reshape the current YP structure within the Europe Region’s hierarchy. This improved structure was based on the Canada and Africa regions’ incorporation of a YP Region chair.

This proposal, which was designed to facilitate communication and access to leadership, was accepted in early 2013.

Another sign of continued progress is the formation of a new group in Stavanger, Norway. It is hoped that Stavanger, like other oil and gas hubs in Europe, will flourish as an AAPG YP group as early as late 2013/early 2014.

The significant growth of YP participation in AAPG events in Europe – and elsewhere around the globe – has required AAPG to evolve as an organization. By supporting the next generation of geoscientists and facilitating the transition from student to YP to experienced professional, AAPG will continue to grow as a global geoscience community, provide a platform for scientific discussion and assist retention of members.

For more information on how to become involved in YP events in your area contact your Section or Region representative.

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