YPs Have a Switch Hit

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

“What is the future of energy?”

This was the question addressed by past AAPG president Scott Tinker in the film “Switch,” a documentary that he produced (and narrates) that intends to deliver a fair and balanced view of the practical realities of and upcoming innovations in energy production.

At a recent screening in the Blue Room Theater on the corporate campus of Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City, approximately 70 young professionals (YPs) from multiple oil and gas companies in the area experienced his exploration of solutions to the world’s potential energy crisis.

This screening was the culmination of planning that began at the fall 2012 Student Chapter Leadership Summit in Oklahoma City, when students from the University of Kansas AAPG student chapter presented their experiences in organizing a screening of “Switch.”

After hearing the students’ workflow, the AAPG Mid-Continent YPs seized upon the idea of hosting a “Switch” screening for local YPs. Planning soon started – and after the venue was secured, the decision was made to hold the event March 7.

The months of preparation and collaboration resulted in an event attended by YPs from Baker Hughes, Chesapeake Energy, Continental Resources, Devon Energy, Halliburton, Sandridge Energy and several other companies – and with so many companies represented, the screening served as not only an educational event, but also as a networking event.


The screening, while highly successful, would not have been possible without effective collaboration between the AAPG YP Mid-Continent Sub-Committee and the OKC Young Professionals in Energy (YPE) Committee – the YPE group does an excellent job sending out invitations to its events and tracking the RSVPs, skills that the YP Mid-Continent Sub-Committee utilized to promote the “Switch” screening.

As a result, while this event was the first to be co-hosted by the two groups, it probably won’t be the last. Great attendance and several post-screening discussions were solid evidence of their successful teamwork.

After the film, AAPG members Hank DeWitt and Tom Layman of Chesapeake Energy did a fantastic job fielding questions from the audience. Queries related to our energy independence, job security in the energy industry, sources of energy and the film itself demonstrated the enthusiasm YPs have for the energy business.

The success of this “Switch” event follows on the success of screenings held by the Pacific Section and Canada Region YPs – and the YP Committee hopes to continue this trend by hosting screenings in the other Sections and Regions.

  • For more information on how you can be a part of YP events in the Mid-Continent Section, email Drew Kreman
  • To learn more about YP events in your area and how you can get involved, visit the YP Committee page (aapg.org/youngpros/) and contact your Region/Section representative.
  • To host a screening of “Switch,” go to www.switchenergyproject.com to contact an Arcos Film representative.

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