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Networking: A YP Bonus

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

AAPG’S Young Professionals aspire to build an understanding of the many benefits that come with membership in AAPG with the younger generation of geoscientists. We strive to make the value of a lasting relationship with the Association evident to everyone.

To that end, the YPs have worked tirelessly forming local chapters around the world. These local chapters are actively providing valuable events and services to the YP population.

One of the many benefits of membership in the world’s largest geological society is access to the AAPG membership network – and one of our most successful initiatives is our YP networking events.

This month we’re highlighting two recent local chapters’ networking events demonstrating the value that comes with AAPG membership.

The Southwest Section YPs held a “Meet-N-Greet” in September during the West Texas Geological Symposium in Midland, Texas.

Concho Resources sponsored the event, which featured a group of 30 geophysicists, geologists, graduate students, landmen and Southwest Section/WTGS leaders networking in a small, informal group setting.

Specifically, participants were able to talk with each other about current work projects and learn about others’ expertise.

The event provided an excellent opportunity for students and YPs to interact with the Society and Section leadership. The Southwest Section YPs are planning to expand their activities into the Dallas/Fort Worth area and are currently working with the Dallas Geological Society to host a similar event in the fall.

In Bakersfield, Calif., the local YP chapter partnered with two other young professional organizations in the area – the Society of Petroleum Engineers Young Professionals and the Young Professionals in Energy – for an end-of-summer networking event that brought together over 70 young professionals working in all areas of the energy industry.

Petrotechs, landmen, lawyers and accountants all had the opportunity to network with one another in a relaxing atmosphere – as well as win some great raffle prizes provided by Halliburton.

The event also provided a group of summer interns with the chance to network with young professionals from a variety of different companies and disciplines, thereby broadening their understanding of the industry.

Officials called the event a great success – and the partnership between the Bakersfield YP groups is expected to grow over time.

Along with networking events at the local level, YPs regularly hold similar events at the Section/Region meetings as well as the AAPG annual conventions (ACE) and international conferences (ICE). All of these events have helped expand our young professionals’ understanding of AAPG and the industry in which we work.

Additionally, the contacts and friendships made at these events serve as a fundamental reminder of one of the many benefits of this Association: High-quality industry connections are just a handshake away from being part of your network.

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