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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

At the center of the AAPG Foundation is its support of scientific advances in the geosciences and petroleum geology to enable broad availability of geoscience information to professionals and the public, to enhance public awareness of geoscience and energy issues and to provide educational opportunities for students and teachers from K-12 and beyond.

The Foundation accomplishes this each month in a variety of ways, including:

♦Funding approvals – The Foundation Trustees recently approved the new 2012-13 fiscal year plan, which includes $1.4 million in support of a variety of programs.

Funds also were approved for:

  • A web-based video series called the “Geology Kitchen,” now airing on YouTube.
  • Support of the Student Leadership and AAPG Young Professionals Leadership summits, both of which will be held in Tulsa in August in conjunction with this year’s Leadership Days conference.
  • AAPG EXPLORER correspondent (and AAPG member) Susan Eaton’s upcoming scientific expedition to Antarctica – and the associated outreach and educational program that will follow.
  • The Geology Merit Badge Program at the 2013 Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree.

♦ Campaign wrap-up – The Foundation’s campaign goal of $35 million was exceeded by over half a million dollars by the end of 2011 – and an additional $779,025 was received in the first four months of 2012.

Over the course of the campaign, 19,789 gifts were made by 6,748 individual donors. That generosity has enabled the Foundation to increase program endowments, grow existing grants and scholarships, establish new programs and fund new requests for support.

Although the campaign is officially over, we never stop raising funds for the AAPG Foundation. The needs continue, and we hope to continue to build a better foundation for the geosciences.

♦ Assigning oil and gas interests to the AAPG Foundation is a wonderful way to make a charitable contribution – although not the main reason for giving, contributing a non-operating interest (royalty) in oil and gas property can sometimes provide you with a large charitable contribution deduction.

Bequests are certainly appreciated, but remember that a current contribution can provide you with the satisfaction of seeing your generosity at work.

Contact the Foundation office for details.

In other news:

♦ The Foundation Trustee Associates have added some new members to their group. They are:

  • James Henderson, of Dallas.
  • Priscilla Grew, of Lincoln, Neb.
  • Marty Hewitt, of Plano, Texas.

Hewitt will be setting up a Named Grant through the Foundation, and Henderson is using his contribution to increase the General Fund, which is greatly needed. Grew designated support to both funds.

Conversely, the Trustee Associates were saddened at the passing of Sid Bonner, Michael Shearn, Mark Wilson, Stewart Welch and Jimmie Herrington.

For information on the Trustee Associates, visit

♦ Finally, many thanks to Devon Energy for making a contribution match available, and also to the Devon employees for taking advantage of those funds by sending in a contribution to be matched.

To see if your company offers a match, visit

Thanks also to those of you who gave a contribution.

Your gifts prove your heart is in the future of the geosciences.

For information on how your gift can make the greatest impact, go to the Foundation Web site; or , Foundation manager, (918) 560-2644.

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Natalie Adams served as the AAPG Foundation manager from October 2010 through April 2014.

Foundation Update

Foundation Update is a regular column in the EXPLORER offering news about the AAPG Foundation’s latest activities. For more information about the AAPG Foundation, visit the Foundation website, email, or call (918) 560-2644.

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