Global Growth Continues: AAPG Opens Africa Office

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
Delia Kuye
Delia Kuye

AAPG’s newest regional office, the AAPG Africa Office, opened its doors early October in Lagos, Nigeria, thereby bringing AAPG closer to its many members in Africa.

AAPG’s official address in the Africa Region will be housed within the office complex owned by the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE).

AAPG Africa Region President Gilbert Odior announced recently the hiring of Delia Kuye, who will staff the Lagos office as programs manager, AAPG Africa Region.

The establishment of an Africa office and hiring of staff to serve AAPG in the Africa Region is truly an historic accomplishment – and would not have been possible without the longstanding relationship and mutual trust between AAPG, AAPG Africa Region, and the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE).

“I wish to say a big thank you to all the AAPG Africa Region past presidents, executives and leadership for laying the foundation for the AAPG Africa Region Office in Lagos,” Odior said.

Kuye, an AAPG member, brings all the right credentials to her new role within AAPG:

  • She holds a bachelor’s in geology from the University of Reading, England, and a master’s in integrated petroleum geoscience from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • After graduation she gained further industry awareness and experience through internships with Marathon Oil in Aberdeen and ExxonMobil in Lagos.

Her education credentials, industry exposure and, most recently, her experience working with a logistics firm in Lagos will benefit AAPG in the Africa Region to expand its programs and services.

Big Growth, Big Potential

When the Africa Region was formed (along with the other Regions) in 1999, AAPG membership in Africa was at 460 members. Since then, membership in Africa has skyrocketed to 2,721 in 2013, making Africa the third largest Region in terms of members, after the Asia-Pacific and Europe regions, respectively.

Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Europe Region also share a common demographic; the significant increase in Student and YP membership in these Regions accounts for a large percentage of the total membership growth.

Among her first assignments, Kuye will help with outreach to universities, organizing the 2014 IBA competition as well as a local Student Chapter Leadership Summit.

Shortly after ordering furnishings, phone and Internet for the AAPG Africa Office, Kuye traveled to Tulsa for a week of training and orientation at AAPG headquarters. To say AAPG’s newest Region staff member hit the ground running would be an understatement.

“We shall be improving AAPG’s African-based membership and regional presence through intensification of outreach to students and professionals,” Kuye commented in Tulsa.

“Communication is among the greatest challenges for this region,” she continued. “Nonetheless, working with the Region leadership, we shall work toward eliminating barriers by improving communication and reducing membership challenges.”

Almost immediately upon hearing the announcement, emails poured in from across Africa and North America expressing congratulations to the entire AAPG Africa Region leadership team for achieving this important landmark in the evolution of the Region.

“This is the realization of a goal that has been discussed and debated for a number of years,” said Africa Region president-elect David Blanchard. “Having a dedicated programs manager will result in growth for the Region and signals a new chapter in attaining increased membership, holding Regional and local events, and attracting more affiliates.”

But this major milestone in the Region’s development may have been most meaningful to the Region’s past presidents, Nahum Schneidermann (also known as President #1, 1999-2001) and Bayo Akinpelu (President #2, 2001-03).

“This is an important event,” Schneidermann said, “recognizing the valuable role of NAPE folks in helping to open Nigeria, and eventually Africa, to AAPG activities.”

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