APPEX London Generates a Buzz

By all accounts the seventh annual APPEX – AAPG Prospect and Property Expo in London – held in early March was a significant success.

The Gallery Hall of North London’s Design Centre at Islington was filled with over 400 delegates representing every continent, and the exhibition hall was full with some 47 booths – a 15 percent increase over 2007.

AAPG’s unique brand event is unlike any event offered by any other organization; its focus is on business and networking versus an exclusively technical program.

“The essence of APPEX is its format,” said APPEX chairman Mike Lakin, “providing one-on-one interaction among high-level decision makers and opportunities to give and see prospect presentations from around the world.”

Senior industry decision makers from small independents to the majors – including CEOs, new ventures and exploration management – were represented. Major companies as well as regulatory bodies attend APPEX because it allows them to personally represent their companies while keeping a low profile.

This year’s event offered a program of regional exploration company and national oil company (NOC) speakers, as well as prospect forums for exhibitors to present and sell their deals.

In addition, attendees benefited from a sold-out seminar on the “Management and Presentation of Farmouts,” and the Finance Forum broadened the audience by attracting members of the financial community.

Exhibitors hailed from 17 countries and included the International Pavilion, bringing together NOCs, ministries and other governmental agencies responsible for the promotion of oil and gas exploration opportunities.

Interestingly, the Design Centre at Islington is the original site of London’s old “Agricultural Hall,” a landmark from the Victorian era built in 1862 for entertainment, shows, exhibitions and pageants. Today the venue is a modern convention center with nearby upscale hotel accommodations. While this year’s APPEX was housed in the Design Centre’s Gallery Hall, the success of 2008 bodes well for possible expansion in time into the main hall.

“APPEX is an excellent opportunity for networking by establishing formal and informal contacts while connecting different generations of experts and officials,” said Istvan Berczi, AAPG’s European Region president. “APPEX fully supports the strategy of the AAPG European Region by offering a unique event that allows AAPG to stay in close contact with the full range of the oil and gas industry players.”

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APPEX 2008 Sponsors

  • ABNAmro
  • Advent
  • Apache
  • Ascent Resources
  • Centrica Energy
  • DCX Resources
  • Deloitte
  • Envoi
  • FX Energy
  • GeoExpro
  • Global Exploration Services
  • GMT
  • Granby Oil & Gas plc
  • Hess
  • JKX Oil & Gas
  • Lansdowne Oil & Gas Northern
  • Ophir
  • Petroleum Eploration (Pvt) Limited - 'PEL'
  • PetroSA
  • Samson
  • San Leon
  • Shell
  • StatoilHydro
  • Tethys Oil AB
  • TGSNopec
  • Wavefield Inseis
  • Zebra Data Sciences

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