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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

AAPG relies on the significant contributions of members to make our publications the best. We actively seek manuscripts for the AAPG BULLETIN and proposals for Special Publications.

Consider these observation:

  • E&P Notes are very popular with BULLETIN readers. If you are working on an interesting exploration play or have a useful field description, consider submitting a manuscript.
  • Geohorizons BULLETIN papers focus on current technical methods. If you have a unique way to solve a geotechnical problem, a brief Geohorizons manuscript will spread the word.
  • Discussions and Replies in the BULLETIN allow you to expand on a published paper. While many readers think “Discussions” primarily serves to correct a published paper, Discussions also can be used to extend good work.

If you have more to share than a single paper, consider submitting a proposal for a Special Publication. The AAPG BULLETIN and Special Publications are among the most highly valued member services.

Like just about everything else in life, advances in the electronic world are changing the way AAPG publishes. For example:

  • The electronic BULLETIN allows us to do more with color, oversize images and data archiving.
  • Special Publications now come in a variety of formats – from all print to all electronic – to best deliver timely technical information.
  • The “Getting Started …” series, championed by the AAPG Publications Committee and Vice Chair Terri Olson, recently delivered its tenth CD, “Getting Started in 3-D Seismic Technology,” by Bruce Hart. In fact, we also will have the eleventh volume out by May, “Getting Started in Sequence Stratigraphy,” by Shuji Yoshida.

High-quality science publications like these help AAPG members find and produce oil and gas.

Consider sharing your work with others. For more information, contact AAPG Editor .

APPEX and Aberdeen

In early March I traveled to London for APPEX (AAPG Prospect and Property Expo), which was the best-attended Expo to date with over 450 registrants.

South Africa, host country for this year’s AAPG International Conference and Exhibition in Cape Town, had a large booth in the exhibit hall, and Iceland had a booth to give notice of the country’s first-ever licensing round in early 2009. General Chair Mike Lakin and committee did a fine job of organizing the Expo.

From London I flew to Aberdeen to visit the University of Aberdeen and the Aberdeen Explorer’s Club. My schedule included meetings with the university principal and vice principal, and sessions with a third year geology class and the integrated petroleum geology MSc class. Many of these graduate students already have accepted jobs in the petroleum industry.

Many thanks to Colin North, David Macdonald, Andrew Hurst and Ali MacLeod for arranging my visit. It has become traditional for AAPG presidents to visit the University of Aberdeen – and I’m glad I did!

Middle East Region

The Middle East Region is taking giant steps forward. GEO 2008 in Bahrain (held the same week as APPEX), attended by Rick Fritz and President-Elect Scott Tinker, was a great success with over 4,400 participants.

Our new director of the AAPG Middle East office planned in Bahrain, Abeer Al Zubaidi, is on board and attended the AAPG Convention in San Antonio.

And more recently, the process of organizing a Student Chapter at the University of Kuwait has begun.

Roswell Geological Society

 Honored recently by the Roswell Geological Society were (from left) AAPG President Willard “Will” Green, Carl A. Shellinger, Edward K. “Eddie” David, George M. Yates, Patrick  J. F. “Pat” Gratton, A. T. “Toby” Carlton, Phelps Anderson and H. Lee Harvard. Photo by Sam Samford
Honored recently by the Roswell Geological Society were (from left) AAPG President Willard “Will” Green, Carl A. Shellinger, Edward K. “Eddie” David, George M. Yates, Patrick J. F. “Pat” Gratton, A. T. “Toby” Carlton, Phelps Anderson and H. Lee Harvard. Photo by Sam Samford
March 18 was a memorable day: I attended and presented a program at the Roswell (N.M.) Geological Society’s “Local National Leaders Recognition Night,” when the RGS recognized and honored 12 residents and former residents for giving their time and expertise to serve their business and social communities.

Considering Roswell’s relatively small size (50,000 population now), it’s unique that so many have served as presidents, chairmen or CEOs of national or international organizations.

The first 10 years of my career were in Roswell as an exploration geologist for Shell Oil Co.

Past AAPG presidents Pat Gratton, Eddie David and Toby Carleton were present and also received recognition.

Pat grew up in Roswell and returned after college to work for Shell in 1957 before moving to Dallas as an independent; he also served as president of SIPES. Eddie moved to Roswell as a geologist for Texaco in 1962 and continues to live and work there with his own E&P company. Toby, also a past president of SIPES, now resides in Midland, Texas, working as a geologist and rancher.

Also present were current Roswell citizens who have been president of AAPL (Carl Schellinger) and IPAA (George Yates). Former Roswell resident Robert O. Anderson, past chairman and CEO of Atlantic Refining Co., was honored posthumously.

RGS president Lee Harvard, owner of Harvard Petroleum, organized an outstanding, fun event.


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