’07-08 Was a Tenure Of Advancing Goals

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

June 30 will mark the completion of the current AAPG fiscal year, so it’s time to review the progress we have made toward the 13 goals adopted by the Executive Committee on July 1, 2007.

(And results)

Move the annual Leadership Conference from February back to August, to more closely coincide with new terms of officers/leaders.

The Leadership Conference was held August 17-19 at Keystone, Colo., with a record 205 attendees meeting in a pleasant atmosphere surrounded by mountains.

Extend the life of the AAPG/DPA Geoscience and Energy Office (GEO-DC) beyond its presently authorized existence (6/30/08).

GEO-DC has proven to be effective in communicating AAPG positions to government officials and in bringing important issues to AAPG members (see related story).

On April 23 the Executive Committee voted to extend the life of the office to June 30, 2011, contingent on annual review of impact and clearly defined metrics.

Continue the development of the proposed programs of the Petroleum Education and Research Consortium: Petroleum Grants for Geoscience (Petrogrant), Petroleum Professionals of Practice and Chair of Petroleum Geoscience.

The Corporate Advisory Board has approved proceeding with the Petrogrant program. We are in the process of surveying selected corporations to determine the level of support we can expect from industry for Petrogrant. We are continuing to research the feasibility of the other two programs.

Complete efforts to develop a new partnership to enable the continuation of the work of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC) under a new organizational structure.

AAPG has assumed management of PTTC. New bylaws have been adopted and a new seven-member board, consisting of four geologists and three engineers, has been appointed by the EC.

Alignment of the Regional Lead Organizations has been changed to closely follow Section boundaries we and have planned 76 workshops for 2008.

Several have been successfully completed.

Complete revision of all Position Papers for posting on the AAPG Web site.

Revision of “statements” has been completed and 14 are posted on our Web site. GEO-DC has added a summary of legislation that is pertinent to the statements.

A new statement on Carbon Sequestration is in progress by the DPA Governmental Affairs Committee.

Continue worldwide membership growth and expansion of services in order to become indispensable to all petroleum geologists.

  • Membership is growing, but at a slow rate. Graduated dues structure is starting to boost membership. Corporate membership from PetroChina has produced 159 members. Corporate memberships from ONGC and Petronas and TNK-BP are working.

Preliminary contacts have been made with two other companies.

  • An agreement for a resume and job posting service for members has been signed. It should be operational on the AAPG Web site by the time you read this article.
  • A new AAPG office has been opened in Bahrain and staff hired; also, an events manager and administrative assistant have been hired for the London office.
  • Nearly all meetings/conferences experienced record attendance.

Accomplish a net increase of 1,000 Active/Associate members during fiscal 2007-08.

As of May 1 our total membership was 33,811, which is an increase of 1,538 over the previous year. Full members (Active, Emeritus, Life and Honorary) decreased by 188.

Eleven student chapters were added, bringing the total to 168 (83 in the United States and 85 international).

Implement the graduated dues structure.

Done, and it should be a factor in increasing membership during the 2008-09 year.

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