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American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

T he AAPG, House of Delegates and three Divisions are an essential part of the Association’s infrastructure that serve as a conduit to understanding member needs at the grass roots level.

To ensure AAPG products and services meet the professional needs of geoscientists worldwide, the International Regions Committee (IRC) is seeking motivated, action-oriented volunteers from each Region to join key AAPG, HoD and Division committees.

AAPG president Scott Tinker, in his first “President’s Column”, describes the current global energy landscape that serves as catalyst for the continued globalization of AAPG and context for his 2008-09 agenda.

To achieve Tinker’s priorities and the continued globalization of AAPG, the IRC has been charged to ensure committees particularly relevant to the Association’s global growth and effectiveness are populated with international representatives.

“This initiative to assure strong international representation was agreed as the main goal of the IRC for 2008-09,” said Peter Lloyd, the IRC co-chair.

Committee positions typically require a two- or three-year commitment and are strongly supported by assigned AAPG headquarters staff.

While global fossil fuel resources may be reaching a plateau, there is ample supply of human resources and talent within AAPG membership. AAPG Region presidents and their executive councils are encouraged to assess the strategic benefit of representation on key AAPG committees and consider where committee representation supports their Region’s business plan goals.

AAPG committees with openings for Region representatives include:

  • Distinguished Lecturer Committee.
  • Division of Environmental Geoscience, DEG Associate Editor.
  • Energy Minerals Division, EMD Councilor.
  • Education Committee.
  • Grants-In-Aid Committee.
  • Student Chapters Committee.
  • Visiting Geoscientists Committee.
  • Young Professional Committee.

(More information on all of these committees can be found online.)

For more information or for members interested in serving on one or more of these committees contact Carol Cain McGowen via e-mail at . Indicate the committee on which you would like to serve and provide a brief one-page biographical summary highlighting experience and qualifications relative to the proposed committee position.

Nominations must be received by July 30.

Here’s a brief description/summary of the AAPG committees that seek international members:

Distinguished Lecturer Committee – This committee selects lecturers and instructors to speak on important and timely geoscientific topics that provide knowledge transfer between the Association, affiliated societies and academia.

It also serves the educational needs of AAPG members by providing outstanding lectures; encouraging lecturers to develop their presentations into proposals for Special Publications or into manuscripts for the BULLETIN; working with the Education Committee in encouraging lecturers to develop their presentations into workshops; and sponsors inter-society distinguished lecturers.

Nominations are invited for an open position in the Asia Pacific Region.

Division of Environmental Geoscience – DEG associate editors are needed from each Region – Africa, Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Middle East – to work with the 2008-11 DEG Editor to solicit and review material on technical subjects for publication.

Candidates for associate editors must be a DEG member.

House of Delegates – The HoD is seeking international members to fill slots on its Constitution & Bylaws, Honors & Awards, Resolutions, and Rules & Procedures committees.

Energy Minerals Division – EMD is seeking a councilor, whose duty is to represent the interests of EMD members within their respective Region at EMD meetings. Councilors are expected to attend the EMD leadership and annual business meetings.

Other duties include attending Region-level executive committee meetings as needed to promote EMD, and being an advocate for or assisting the development of EMD technical program sessions, an EMD luncheon or EMD exhibition booth at the respective Region or AAPG International conferences.

Currently the EMD Councilor position for the Africa Region is open. Councilors for the other Regions are in place through 30 June 2009.

Education Committee – Its function is to stimulate and guide AAPG’s education program by recommending subjects relevant to regional industry needs for the Association's catalog of short courses, schools, field seminars and other educational programs, including recommending speakers and program leaders.

Committee members are needed from the Africa, Canada, Latin America and Middle East Regions.

Grants-In-Aid Committee – The purpose of the AAPG Foundation's Grants-in-Aid program is to foster research in the geosciences. Grants are made to provide financial assistance to graduate students whose thesis research has application to petroleum, energy-mineral resources or related environmental geology issues. Committee members serve for a three-year term.

Nominations are invited from the Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Middle East Regions.

Membership Recruitment Committee – This committee’s goal is to build and strengthen AAPG by increasing membership, supporting recruitment efforts of local societies and fostering professional development.

Nominations are invited from all Regions.

Student Chapters Committee – This committee’s mission is to support the establishment and ongoing efforts of AAPG Student Chapters at academic institutions, including programs that will promote student membership, facilitate student involvement in AAPG and provide students with exposure to research and careers in the petroleum, energy mineral and environmental sciences.

Committee positions are open for representatives from Canada and Middle East Regions.

Visiting Geoscientists Committee – The function of this committee is to provide college and university students worldwide a balanced picture of geosciences career options in the petroleum, energy minerals and environmental industries through college and university visits by active geoscientists. Each committee member must complete at least one visit per fiscal year.

Currently, a committee position is open for the Canada Region.

Young Professional Committee – This group’s mission is to foster a challenging and successful career in the energy business for recent college graduates and early career geoscientists by offering opportunities for networking, career guidance, learning and enhancing professional competence.

Nominations for committee positions are open for all Regions.

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