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Henry Ford once said, "A person who will use their skill and constructive imagination to see how much they can give for a dollar instead of how little they can give for a dollar is bound to succeed."

AAPG's committees and staff are constantly looking for ways to provide more to members for our dues.

One of our largest projects last year was working with industry leaders, academia and the U.S. Department of Energy to assume control of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC). This action ensures key technologies and techniques are transferred to our members and industry through PTTC workshops.

A recent new product was a special Web site released by the Public Outreach Committee. The function of the committee is to develop means of informing the public about geology in general and petroleum geology. Eric Radjef is chair and last spring the committee released It is a great site to send students and the general public to learn about our profession.

Another product for this fiscal year – a new AAPG online Career Center – has been designed by the Membership Career Services Committee with support from staff.

The concept is a "one-stop" career center. It is divided into three areas where members can:

  • ♦ Look for jobs.
  • ♦ Set resumes.
  • ♦ Post to a searchable registry that will list their expertise and professional skills.

The first area, the Job Posting Service, allows companies to post jobs for potential consultants or employees around the world.  Companies pay a nominal fee to post opportunities, but it is a free service to AAPG members looking for potential employment.

Currently, the cost to companies is only $250 per month for a 30-day listing. This is far less than other services and the cost will allow other consultants to list jobs if they need help with a consulting contract.

As I am writing this column Shell has posted 40 jobs and AAPG is marketing the program to other companies to build the work force.

The second part of the service allows AAPG members to post their resumes online. As this is a digital product, an "electronic agent" service is provided whereby resumes will automatically be sent to prospective employers looking for particular skill sets.

This basic service is complimented by the third part of the AAPG Online Career Center – the AAPG Member Registry.

The Member Registry is a unique service that provides a series of drop-down menus for AAPG members to list their particular skill sets. For example, if your specialty is "interpretation of high resolution seismic data" you can list this and other talents through this comprehensive menu-driven registry. You also can list your particular areas of experience, such as basins that you have worked – along with reservoirs studied in those basins.

Ease of use is a key component for those imputing their skill sets into the database. It is a searchable system that will allow prospective employers the opportunity to plug in their needs and look for a match within the AAPG membership.

I was a partner in a consulting company for almost 20 years in Tulsa. We developed large basin studies and detailed customized consulting projects. When developing a project it was critical to locate experts in key areas such as log analysis or carbonate petrography. We accomplished this through our own network. The Member Registry will be an important network supplement in matching expertise to jobs.

The Member Career Services Committee has worked on this project for some time and we congratulate them on their efforts.  Members include House of Delegates chair George Bole, Paul Britt, Marilyn Cisar, Patrick Gordon, Don O’Nesky, Robert Sellars and Doug Valleau, with Clint Moore as chair.

To access the new career center go online. From there you can access the job service center and the member registry.

Try it today – and please let us know what you think about the new service.

Will Rogers, an Oklahoma-born statesman, was fond of saying, "It’s fortunate that we do not receive all of the government we are paying for.

At AAPG, we are trying to make sure you receive all of the products and services you are paying for – and more!

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