Santos Finds Took Some Time  
By Jack Edwards / February 2001
Shell Oil's Pecten explored on 23 risk contract blocks in nine onshore and offshore basins in Brazil from 1976 to 1990. A total of 27 wildcats and six development wells were drilled on 13 blocks.
Open Mind, Flexibility Always Helps  
By Marlan Downey / December 2000
In 1990, Arco International made a technical review of the blocks offered in the Oriente of Ecuador, and offered a bid on Block 10. Arco was successful in its bid, and became operator with a 60 percent interest, and had Agip as partner, with 40 percent.
Finding is Easy; Profits Prove Hard  
By Marlan Downey, Jamie Robertson / November 2000
Modern hydrocarbon exploration began in Mozambique in 1948, when Gulf Oil was awarded an onshore concession covering much of the southern half of the country.
Carrots, Sticks Are Good Tools  
By Marlan Downey / October 2000
In 1969, Shell Oil began looking for places where its new "bright spot" technology could be useful in the onshore of the United States. Armed with a list of rock and fluid criteria, I began making a search for places where this novel technique could be as useful to Shell in the onshore USA as it was in the Gulf of Mexico.
Confidence in Data A Winning Strategy  
By Marlan Downey / September 2000
In the mid-1990s, Arco International reviewed a farm-out proposal from Enterprise Oil for drilling on a block held by Enterprise in the Romanian Black Sea. Enterprise already had completed a seismic program and had mapped a variety of structures on the block.
Analysis, Guts Trump Paralysis  
By James D. Robertson, Marlan Downey / August 2000
Indonesia is a prolific oil and gas province with discovered reserves of more than 23 BBO and 150 TCFG. Most of the reserves originate from Tertiary source rocks and are trapped in Tertiary reservoirs on or immediately offshore of Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan.
'Bright' Investments Paid Off  
By Mike Forrest / July 2000
Area-wide lease sales, inaugurated in 1983, provided the oil industry an opportunity to explore for oil and gas in the deep water Gulf of Mexico, a southern extension of the oil-rich offshore Louisiana shelf province.
'Toast' Was On Breakfast Menu  
By Mike Forrest / June 2000
New computer programs were designed by Shell Oil during that decade to measure seismic amplitude changes and pay thickness, and -- most importantly -- seismic data was being calibrated with petrophysical data.
Bright Idea Still Needed Persistence  
By Mike Forrest / May 2000
This is the first of three articles on the application of "bright spot" technology, which helped Shell Oil Company discover many large oil and gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico during the late 1960s to the late 1980s.
Ideas Give Technology the Edge  
By Marlan Downey / April 2000
In 1977 Rio del Rey is viewed as an area with a future of small fields by Elf and Royal Dutch/Shell; however, Shell's international divisions (Pecten) reports it to be a "meadow of bright spots."
Reefs Hid 'Between the Lines'  
By Marlan Downey / March 2000
A billion-barrel field in a thousand places?
Luck Rewards Knowledge, Preparation  
By Marlan Downey / February 2000
The special EXPLORER: A Century issue illustrates how at times the "Story behind the story" is better than the story itself. In an effort to capture this flavor of exploration science and business, Marlan Downey describes his memories of some of the interesting fields found by teams he has been associated with during more than 40 years of exploration and production.

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