Coury: ‘A Story of Survival’  
By Barry Friedman / June 2015
Anny Coury’s is a personal story: A love of geology, sure, and the people in it, but a story, more importantly, of survival and modesty, one that goes back to the 1930s and early ’40s, when, as a young girl and along with her family, fled from the Nazis through Europe.
Soldo: 'Unraveling Paradigms' a Labor of Love  
By Emily Llinás / January 2015

According to Juan Carlos Soldo, who just recently led the successful IX Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development Congress in Mendoza, Argentina, “Unconventionals really aren't so unconventional anymore.” 

PROWESS Shines Light On Women ‘Pioneers’  
By Courtney Chadney / March 2014

With AAPG’s 100-year anniversary now just three years away, the AAPG’s PROWESS Committee (Professional Women in Earth Sciences) is creating a way to recognize and honor pioneer women who were vitally important to AAPG, the profession and the industry.

Her Brilliant Career: Marie Still Loves Geology  
By Courtney Chadney / December 2013

Marie Gramann, a 65-year member of AAPG, decided at the young age of 13 that she was going to be a geologist.

Community Pride  
By Susie Moore / August 2013

Edward K. “Eddie” David, president of David Petroleum Corp. in Roswell, N.M., and a past AAPG president, was twice recognized this year for his generosity and involvement in his community.

Utah Team Wins IBA  
/ July 2013

Geoscience students from the University of Utah took the top prize in this year’s AAPG/AAPG Foundation Imperial Barrel Award competition, beating out 10 other teams from geoscience departments from around the world.

Utah Won as a Team  
By Barry Friedman / July 2013

Geoscience students from the University of Utah took the top prize in this year’s AAPG/AAPG Foundation Imperial Barrel Award competition.

Community Pride  
By Susie Moore / June 2013

How did he stay so cool? Sticking to the facts was key in dealing with the public and media during the aftermath of explosion at Macondo.

Wichita Falls Honors Gunns  
By Susie Moore / May 2013

Robert D. “Bob” Gunn and his wife Carol were honored jointly as 2012 Wichitan of the Year at the annual Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce and Industry North Texas Economic Forum and Wichitan of the Year luncheon.

On the Rocks: Geologist Makes Business Pleasure  
By Barry Friedman / January 2013

Spotlight On: Patricio Desjardins has hiked all over the Canadian Rockies. His closer, more personal scrutiny of those mountains led him to places where the rocks were perfect for collecting the data he wanted.

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