Africa Region Web Site Debuts   
By Carol McGowen / July 2009

The AAPG Africa Region has launched a new, distinct Africa Region website, emblazoned with vibrant colors from red to yellow and blue.

Industry Support Adds Value to IBA Program  
By Carol McGowen / June 2009

industry sponsorships of IBA support a program that this year expanded to include students from 88 universities worldwide.IBA’s educational and career development features come from the data analysis and prospect presentation exercise, in the form of feedback from industry judges and networking with potential future employers. 

Face-to-Face Makes a Difference   
By Carol McGowen / May 2009

With the many means of electronic communication now available, one might wonder whether there is much interest in holding meetings during AAPG’s Annual Convention and Exhibition in Denver.

IRC Promotes AAPG Involvement   
By Peter Lloyd, Peter Kahn / April 2009

Probably you are aware that AAPG’s International Regions Committee (IRC) helps promote AAPG as an international organization.You may not be aware, however, that its role has evolved in the last few years, from being a facilitator between AAPG headquarters and the international regions to helping better represent and serve the professional needs of international AAPG members across the organization.

London, Bahrain and Now Singapore  
By Carol McGowen / March 2009

AAPG has taken another step toward making its presence officially known around the world. A third AAPG regional office will open later this year in Singapore, intended to provide services for the Association’s sprawling Asia.

NAPE Welcomes AAPG President  
/ January 2009

AAPG President Dr. Scott W. Tinker became the fourth Association president to visit Nigeria when he attended November’s NAPE 2008 conference in Abuja, Nigeria.

Planning Time Begins for 2009 IBA  
By Carol McGowen / December 2008

‘Bridges Built’ On Four-Country Visit  
By Carol McGowen / November 2008

 Africa Region Seats Diverse Committee  
By Carol McGowen / October 2008
Following the recent election using AAPG’s online voting process, the officers from Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa and Egypt assume responsibility to grow membership and enhance delivery of AAPG services to geoscientists in the Region. 
Imperial Barrel Program On a Roll  
By Connie Mongold / September 2008
As we enter the third season of global Imperial Barrel Award competitions, I first would like to thank the Imperial Barrel Award Committee members and local IBA competition coordinators, AAPG’s amazing staff, committed industry sponsors and judges, supportive academic advisers and directors and last – but certainly not least – the participating students who made the 2008 Imperial Barrel Award program so successful and enjoyable!
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