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Delegation Visits Colombia, Peru  
By Carol McGowen / August 2010

Colombians elected Juan Manuel Santos as their new president on June 20, the day AAPG’s presidential delegation landed in Bogotá for a whirlwind tour with both tactical and strategic importance.

Diversity Leveraged to Benefit the Bottom Line   
By Carol McGowen / June 2010

On the last day of the recent AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in New Orleans nearly 150 people attended the third Professional Women in Earth Sciences Diversity Seminar, this year focusing on “The Economics of Diversity – Competing For and Leveraging Employee Diversity in a Global Petroleum Industry.”

Earth Science Returns to Texas High Schools   
By Carol McGowen / May 2010

For as long as anyone can remember, earth science was taught throughout elementary, middle and high schools (K-12) in Texas.

Diverse Panel Eyes Workplace Diversity   
By Carol McGowen / April 2010

The Professional Women in Earth Sciences’ (PROWESS) third Diversity Seminar luncheon – an examination of the economics of diversity from a geoscience employment perspective – is set for New Orleans during the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition.

Imperial Barrel Program Rolls Into New Orleans   
By Carol McGowen / March 2010

AAPG’s Imperial Barrel Award program (IBA) continues to expand its global outreach as it offers a unique opportunity for earth science students from around the world to analyze real geologic, geophysical, land, economic and production data.

Students and YPs See Global Profile Rise   
By Carol McGowen / February 2010

AAPG’s network of Student membership continues growing worldwide. Student Chapters, Student Expo job fairs, the Imperial Barrel Award and Field Immersion programs all provide career development, support and encouragement to these young explorationists.

Directors Named for New Offices   
By Carol McGowen / December 2009

The third quarter of 2009 brought several staffing transitions as AAPG continues its global outreach. We say farewell to Steve Veal and welcome to Adrienne Pereira and Jeremy Richardson.

Latin Region Typifies Potential   
By Carol McGowen / November 2009

As we enter the last quarter of this calendar year – one that saw the world economy shaken, global health challenged by a new flu strain and of oil and gas prices back at levels no one thought they would ever return to – we can be grateful that our Association is healthy and in good standing.

Positive Steps Fuel Global Growth   
By Carol McGowen / October 2009

A great deal of thought and hard work has gone into thinking through the AAPG’s globalization strategy (and putting in place all the financial and legal protection to do it effectively).

Oil Flavored ‘Hot’ Colombia Simposio   
By Carol McGowen / September 2009

Cartagena, Colombia was hot, hot, hot during the successful Simposio Bolivariano Petroleum Exploration in Subandean Basins conference.

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