Keepin’ Busy in Europe   
By Jeremy Richardson / December 2011

AAPG’s Europe Region has a new president: Welcome to Vlasta Dvorakova, who has been a very active president-elect over the past couple of years before assuming the presidential reins in June.Vlasta works for the Czech Geological Survey in Brno, Czech Republic.

ME Region Priorities: Young Pros, Students   
By Abdulrahman Al-Sharhan / October 2011

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the new AAPG Middle East Region president (2011-13).

Canada: Robust Resource-Wise, Frail Market-Wise   
By Ross Clark / September 2011

While energy demand in the developed world seems somewhat stabilized, energy demand from emerging economies in the Asia Pacific Region increases year after year.

Ideas Shared on South America Tour   
By Carol McGowen / August 2011

With expertise as both a professor and consulting geologist, AAPG President Paul Weimer’s background is well-aligned with the energy industry renaissance currently under way in Latin America.

PNG Gas Finds Push LNG Plans   
By Michael McWalter / July 2011

It is a little over 25 years since the Iagifu 2-X well drilled by Niugini Gulf Oil discovered Papua New Guinea’s first commercial oil field – the Kutubu field, which was put into production in 1992 by Chevron Niugini Pty Ltd. after they acquired the assets of Gulf Oil.

Europe Region Busy   
By Jeremy Richardson / June 2011

For those of us in the AAPG European Region, 2011 began where 2010 left off – very busy.

Cairo Barrel Team Hurdled Barriers   
By Carol McGowen / May 2011

The 2011 Imperial Barrel Award Program involved 94 teams from 32 countries. Of the original 94, 12 teams overcame their own challenges and were supported by their own network of caring AAPG members who went the extra mile to ensure their team’s successful journey to the finals.

Inaugural ME Workshop to Yield Publication   
By Mahdi Abu Ali, Marek Kacewicz / April 2011

The first Geosciences Technology Workshop ever held in the Middle East Region proved to be an enormous success and a remarkable accomplishment for the geosciences community in the area.

Canada’s URs Offer Opportunities   
By Carol McGowen / March 2011

Canada’s unconventional resources continue to excite the imaginations of geoscientists, as Canadian companies – with operators and investors from North America, India and Southeast Asia – are doggedly working to unlock the country’s unconventional resource play potential.

Work Begins On Singapore 2012 ICE   
By Carol McGowen / February 2011

The 2012 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) will be held in late September in Singapore, with meeting dates subject to final confirmation once the Formula One schedule for 2012 is released.

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