YPs Enjoy Conversation, Cleanups and Crawfish  
By Lauren Storm, Calvin Nix / July 2016

Conditions may presently be far from ideal in our industry, but they will get better. Downturns are always followed by recovery and growth. We take these times to learn, develop and improve, while at the same time, hanging on for dear life. Every now and then though, we need to stop, take a breath, forget our troubles and have a good time.

AAPG Involvement Equals Career Success  
By Low Wan Ching / June 2016

My participation in AAPG activities has always been a source of wonderful memories. To this day, I strongly believe that my active involvement in AAPG YP Chapter leadership was key to obtaining scholarships and advancing my geoscience studies.

 A Journey with AAPG: From Student to Professional Geologist  
By Joyanta Dutta / May 2016

Joyanta Dutta, development geologist for Chevron Bangladesh, wrote the winning non-technical article of the AAPG Middle Region Young Professionals 2016 Article Contest.

Canada Region YPs Prepare for ACE 2016, Ramp Up Activities  
By Robyn Paul, Katie Power, Meriem Grifi / April 2016

The Canada Region Young Professional (YP) Committee has been making great strides to increase awareness and activities for YP members in the Region. Our current initiatives include improving the student-to-YP transition, collaborating with other societies and expanding knowledge of the YP program beyond Calgary, Canada’s central oil patch.

YPs Urge Unemployed to Persevere  
By Jonathan Allen, Meredith Faber, Ryan Lemiski / March 2016

As we’re all aware, the oil and gas industry is currently in the middle of a downturn. This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last.

What Does the Future Geologist Look Like?  
By Matt Boyce / February 2016

A popular topic among educators and recruiters in our discipline is what geology, and the people who practice it, will look like in the future. It’s an interesting question when you consider the origins of our discipline, its pioneers and how both geology and its practitioners have evolved in the past 100 years.

Stemming the Loss of YPs  
By Jonathan Allen / December 2015
The 6th annual Young Professionals Leadership Summit (YPLS) was held in Houston with the AAPG Mid-Year Business Meetings in October. Nine attendees participated in the three-day event intended to give Young Professionals (YPs) a greater understanding of AAPG, the opportunity to discuss issues currently facing YPs within the Association, and the chance to network with the current leadership.
Finding Opportunity In Downturn  
By Meredith Faber / November 2015

The current industry downturn has made the job market a daunting place for new graduates and YPs, but meetings like GCAGS 2015 provide a venue for new opportunities and professional growth – and perhaps some came away with a new fondness for the GRBCC as well.

It’s the End of YPs as We Know It and We Feel Fine  
By Jonathan Allen, Meredith Faber / October 2015
The Young Professionals are very excited to share that the Executive Committee approved the YPs as the first AAPG SIG this August.
 Is Technical Knowledge Enough To Survive Corporate Life?  
By Reetu Ragini / September 2015
Knowledge alone does not make one successful in a corporate setting. There are a couple of simple things a new employee can do to complement their existing knowledge and set them on the path to a successful career.
By Drew Kreman, Joe Voyles / August 2015
Recently the AAPG YP Mid-Continent Section hosted several networking events in Oklahoma City. These events have increased YP interest in AAPG – and participation in the Mid-Continent Section is at an all time high.
ACE Offers Networking Opportunities for YPs   
By Jonathan Allen, Meredith Faber / June 2015
The 2015 downturn has taken a toll on all aspects of the industry, especially its work force. And for those left contemplating their next career move, the Denver meeting is an excellent opportunity to market their skills and experience, and utilize their personal connections.
YPs Enjoy Networking at NERC CDT Opening   
By Maxim Kotenev / May 2015
The historical city of Edinburgh, Scotland, was the site of a networking day where representatives of the YP groupings within AAPG and the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB) developed critical skill sets by volunteering to become mentors to the first cohort of doctoral students from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)’s Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT).
By Mandi Guerrero / April 2015
Until recently, most young professionals (YPs) in the petroleum industry had yet to experience what more senior geologists call “a downturn.” Now, it appears we’re getting our first taste.
YPs Need Fieldwork  
By Samuel McLay / March 2015

Fieldwork forms a large part of many geologists’ undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Its prominence generally decreases, however, when students make the transition from academia to industry and become a Young Professional.

 YPs: Resolve to Get Involved  
By Meredith Faber / February 2015

After sponsoring several successful networking events over the years, the Young Professionals (YP) Committee has a pretty good idea of what draws a crowd.

ICE in Istanbul Was a Big Hit With YPs  
By Catherine Wasse, Ailsa Messer, Chun Hock Tan / January 2015

The historic 2014 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition marked the first time an AAPG international conference was held in Istanbul – but that wasn’t the only new dynamic at work.

Improving Retention, Engagement  
By Meredith Faber / December 2014

YP initiatives reached new heights this past August as young professionals met in Snowbird, Utah, for the fifth annual Young Professionals Leadership Summit (YPLS).

Community Outreach Offers Rewards for YPs  
By Joe Bauman / November 2014

YPs are in an excellent position to perform community service. For the most part, our backs and knees are still in good shape – but more importantly, since YPs are making the transition from school to the work force, they make excellent liaisons between young/future geologists and the professional geoscience community.

YPs Thrive in SE Asia  
By Reetu Ragini, Sarah Sausan / September 2014

AAPG Young Professionals (YPs) in the Asia-Pacific Region are quickly moving toward establishing a strong YP group in Indonesia.

Joining AAPG - Good Idea, or Great?  
By Emily Fisher / August 2014
When you join a new company, they provide a lot of resources for a budding career. As a result, you might question why you would need AAPG, let alone need to volunteer for the Association. Actually, there are several reasons AAPG can be good for you.
YP Membership, Activities Are Booming  
By Meredith Faber / July 2014
The Southwest Section (SWS) Young Professionals (YPs) have had a great start to 2014.
YPs Draw Texas-Sized Crowd at Houston ACE  
By Meredith Faber, Nick Lagrilliere / June 2014

The AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) in Houston drew a huge turnout and participation this year, and a bit of that success rubbed off on the Young Professionals (YPs) whose signature activities, the YP Meet and Greet and the YP Networking Reception, attracted their largest crowds to date.

YPs Opening Doors Across AAPG’s Asia-Pacific Region  
/ May 2014

AAPG is an organization driven by highly devoted members who aim to enlighten other geoscientists, both young and experienced, with novel strategies intended to close knowledge gaps and provide perspective in a fast-paced, global environment.

Canadian YPs Bring FOCUS to GeoConvention  
By Ryan Lemiski, Marc Enter / April 2014

This May, the AAPG Canada Region Young Professionals Committee will be co-hosting a YP/student-focused session with the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) and the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) at GeoConvention 2014 in Calgary, Canada.

Young Professionals Eager to See Simplification  
By Richard Ball, Cat Campbell, Meredith Faber, Nick Lagrilliere / March 2014

A crucial part of the AAPG Young Professionals Committee’s mission statement includes “building an understanding of the value of a lasting relationship between AAPG and young professional members.” Therefore, we felt it important to voice our views on the proposal to eliminate the sponsorship requirement to become a full member of AAPG.

For Rookie Geologists   
By Sean Kimiagar / February 2014

Interviewing for that first internship or full-time position can be a daunting process – but the AAPG YPs are here to help.

Need a Job? YPs Help Make the Connections  
By Joe Bauman / January 2014

For young geologists about to start their career, choosing an employer – or getting chosen by an employer, perhaps – and determining a career path can be a daunting task.

Change at the Top: Meet Some New YP Leads  
By Meredith Faber / December 2013

The seasons are changing – and so is the Young Professionals Committee.

YPs Enjoy ‘Unforgettable’ Experience at ICE  
By Antonio Velasquez / November 2013

This year AAPG’s International Conference and Exhibition returned to Latin America, but set for the first time in Colombia – and a perfect phrase to describe the Cartagena meeting is that it featured a “massive and passionate participation of young people.”

Enter the Young: YPs Making an Impact – NOW  
By Meredith Faber / October 2013

Even with its 100th birthday just around the corner, AAPG is looking younger every day.

YP Summit Produces Camaraderie, New Ideas  
By Nick Lagrilliere / September 2013

For the fourth consecutive year, the Young Professionals Leadership Summit (YPLS) was organized prior to AAPG Leadership Days, which this year was held recently in Tulsa.

YP Events Prove Big In Pittsburgh  
By Nick Lagrilliere / August 2013

AAPG’s Young Professionals (YPs) played host for a couple of specific successful activities at this year’s AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) in Pittsburgh – events that have become regular fixtures on the ACE agenda.

Europe YPs Growing  
By Ruairi McDonald / July 2013

North Sea rejuvenation, onshore unconventional exploration and Eastern Mediterranean exploration have resulted in a growing Young Professional (YP) demographic in Europe.

A Message From One of the ‘Oldest New Guys’  
By Josh Hickman / June 2013

At the age of 33 and with 10 years of work experience in the oil and gas field under my belt, I find myself at a transition point that I never thought much about.

By Drew Kreman / May 2013

“What is the future of energy?”

Encore Performance: YPs Set for ACE Meet-N-Greet  
By Jonathan Allen / April 2013

The AAPG 2013 Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) in Pittsburgh is just around the corner – and whether this is your first convention or your 20th, I urge you to consider participating in the YP Meet-N-Greet.

Africa Region YPs Find Collaboration Works  
By Tunbosun Afolayan, Kene Mba / March 2013

The benefits and impact of effective collaboration were easily evident at the AAPG Young Professionals’ booth at the 2012 Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) conference, held Nov. 11-15 in Lagos, Nigeria.

YP Survey: They’re On the Right Track  
By Nick Lagrilliere / February 2013

For the second consecutive year, AAPG’s Young Professionals (YP) Committee has conducted a survey to poll members on their perception of YP initiatives – and once again, it has allowed us to gauge our progress over the past year while providing a better understanding of our activities’ impact.

YPs’ Profile Grows in ME  
By Anwar Al-Beaiji / January 2013

A few years ago, the AAPG Middle East Region’s Council (AAPG-MER) – realizing the growing importance and numbers of Young Professionals’ (YPs) involvement in the Region’s activities – established the Young Professionals and Student Support team (YPSS) to oversee the Region’s YP and student activities.

Networking: A YP Bonus  
By Jonathan Allen, Nikki Morris / December 2012

AAPG’S Young Professionals aspire to build an understanding of the many benefits that come with membership in AAPG with the younger generation of geoscientists.

YP ‘Meets’ Prove Effective  
By Reetu Ragini, Cat Campbell, Meredith Faber / November 2012

AAPG’s Young Professional Meet-n-Greet and the Young Professional Network Challenge events continue to prove themselves to be powerful networking forums for individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and in all stages of their careers.

Wanted: YPs in the HoD  
By Courtney Chadney / September 2012

Have you ever asked yourself, who made up that policy for AAPG?

It Was a Very Good Year – And YPs Continue Their Focus on Post-Grads  
By Courtney Chadney / August 2012

It’s been a good year for outgoing chair Nick Lagrilliere and his team of AAPG Young Professionals, who made their focus finding ways to grow YP chapters in industry hubs around the world.

YPs Busy in Long Beach  
By Nick Lagrilliere / July 2012

ProTracks: AAPG’s Young Professionals initiative took another big step forward with three specific – and successful – events at the recent AAPG annual convention.

Career Tips Shared At PROWESS Workshop  
By Jessica Moore / June 2012

A new short course addressing career development and leadership in the energy industry premiered at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Long Beach, Calif.

Deal-Making Comes With the Territory  
By Courtney Chadney / May 2012

ProTracks: Let’s make a deal: OK, you know your prospect has enormous potential. Do you have what it takes to be a closer?

YPs Plan Networking Opportunities in Long Beach  
By Jonathan Allen / March 2012

The AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) is almost upon us, and that’s good news to young professionals who want to begin building a professional network that will serve us the rest of our careers.

YPs Input Sought  
By Nick Lagrilliere / February 2012

Key initiatives for AAPG’s Young Professionals for the coming year were discussed at last year’s Young Professionals Leadership Summit in Boulder, Colo., where a number of breakout sessions involving AAPG leadership produced valuable results.

Recruiters Look to Shape Future of Industry  
By Courtney Chadney / February 2012

BP is recruiting the next generation of scientists and believe their response to the Macondo incident may have helped raise their profile and interest of this new talent resource.

Website Captures, Displays Passion for Geology   
By Charles Sternbach / December 2011

Passion and ingenuity have led AAPG member Daniel Minisini on a personal mission to talk to famous geologists – with a video camera in his hand – and share their thoughts on a website he has created.

Young Pro Takes Seat As Youngest Delegate   
By Courtney Chadney / November 2011

Why wait? A few years ago he was a Student member attending his first Leadership Conference. Today Ryan Lemiski is the youngest-ever member of the AAPG House of Delegates.

Milan to Host Young Pros   
By Courtney Chadney / October 2011

AAPG's Young Professionals Committee will be the hosts for the "Meet and Greet" event at the upcoming AAPG International Conference and Exhibition in Milan, Italy – the first time the event has been held on European soil.

Next Step? A Good Résumé Is the Key to Open Doors   
By Courtney Chadney / September 2011

Students preparing for the professional world will get a chance to visit the “résumé doctor” at the upcoming AAPG/SEG Student Expo, Sept. 8-9, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

Having the ‘Write’ Stuff Essential for Geologists   
By Susan Eaton / August 2011

The Write Stuff: One AAPG member believes that the ability to communicate is essential to a geoscientist’s career – and he’s helping his peers learn how to embrace rather than shun the craft of writing.

Not All Networking Approaches are Equal   
By Courtney Chadney / July 2011

You could see it everywhere at the recent AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Houston:Women were confidently exchanging business cards – with both men and women – as important business connections were made.


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