Edward A. "Ted" Beaumont
Realities Check: Moving Forward Through Change  
By Ted Beaumont / June 2013

Just a few years ago, when most of us believed that peak oil had occurred or would very soon, I worried about how much longer AAPG would survive past its 100th anniversary, which comes up in just four years.

Proposed New Step Could Prove a Good Move  
By Ted Beaumont / May 2013

This month’s column takes a look at what possibly could be an exciting new step for AAPG and the way we provide the best in science for our members, and in putting it together I asked AAPG President-Elect Lee Krystinik, an important person in this new initiative, to help in the writing.

Think About It: New Ideas Equal New Success  
By Ted Beaumont / April 2013

Some older members of AAPG may remember when geologists, geophysicists and engineers worked under separate supervision and in separate departments in oil and gas companies.

Think About It: New Ideas Equal New Success  
By Ted Beaumont / March 2013

I can remember hearing, way back in 1977, the president of a major oil company that I worked for say that the United States had run out of oil and gas – there was not much left to find and develop.

Ready or Not, Changes Will Keep Coming  
By Ted Beaumont / February 2013

“My concept of reservoirs has completely changed.”

AAPG’s Growing, Evolving Reach Continues  
By Ted Beaumont / January 2013

As AAPG approaches its 100th anniversary in 2017, I wonder what the founders would think of AAPG now.

‘Communities’ Concept Starts to Grow  
By Ted Beaumont / December 2012

One of the AAPG Executive Committee’s priorities during the first five months of this fiscal year has been to study the Association’s science program with the goal of creating new conduits for generating and disseminating scientific content.

Changing Opinions, One Thought at a Time  
By Ted Beaumont / November 2012

AAPG members realize that finding oil and gas is at best an arduous, difficult task.

What Is AAPG Worth to the World?  
By Ted Beaumont / October 2012

What is the value of the petroleum industry’s professional associations – like AAPG – to society at large?

Changing Times, Changing Needs  
By Ted Beaumont / September 2012

An average of four dry holes are drilled through a giant field before the discovery is recognized, according to AAPG Sidney Powers Medalist Robert M. Sneider.

Fostering AAPG Science  
By Ted Beaumont / August 2012

In 1988, John Bookout (former president and CEO of Shell Oil Company) observed that there are two types of geologists in the oil business.

Concepts Shift Creates Ripples of Change  
By Ted Beaumont / July 2012

In North America onshore, the resource play has caused a dramatic shift in the exploration objectives of many, if not most, independent and major petroleum companies.

Lee T. Billingsley
Volunteers: Good For AAPG Climate  
By Lee Billingsley / March 2007

As you can tell, this is a special EXPLORER, because it is focused on our Annual Convention and Exhibition in Long Beach, Calif., which will be held April 1-4.

Meetings Refreshing for Professionals  
By Lee Billingsley / January 2007

This past fall I had the opportunity to attend a couple of enlightening conventions.

AAPG Nomination  Process Under Way  
By Lee Billingsley / December 2006

I have just completed the fall convention circuit to Lafayette, La. (Gulf Coast Section), Buffalo, N.Y. (Eastern Section), and Perth, Australia (international).

Willard "Will" Green
’07-08 Was a Tenure Of Advancing Goals  
By Will Green / June 2008
June 30 will mark the completion of the current AAPG fiscal year, so it’s time to review the progress we have made toward the 13 goals adopted by the Executive Committee on July 1, 2007.
Have You Considered Submitting a Paper?  
By Will Green / May 2008
AAPG relies on the significant contributions of members to make our publications the best. We actively seek manuscripts for the AAPG BULLETIN and proposals for Special Publications.
Spring Quickens Pace for Activities  
By Will Green / April 2008
AAPG has responded to the Security and Exchange Commission’s “Concept Release on Possible Revisions to the Disclosure Requirements Relative to Oil and Gas Reserves."
Rhetoric is Politics; Opportunities are Real  
By Will Green / March 2008
With the U.S. political season now in full swing, some of the candidates are focusing on the idea of the country becoming “energy independent” with such phrases as “America must break the tyranny of oil” or “We can’t allow dictators to enslave the American people."
AAPG’s Diversity Noted on Visits  
By Will Green / February 2008
Talk With Students Is Enlightening  
By Will Green / December 2007
Greetings from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where I’m attending the International Petroleum Technology Conference operated by SPE with AAPG, EAGE and SEG as partners. I ’ll report on this meeting and my November travels to London, Athens and Ankara in my February 2008 column.
AAPG Begins New Journey With PTTC  
By Will Green / November 2007

In early August, Executive Director Rick Fritz asked whether I realized I was “about to be sucked into the vortex” – meaning that the heavy meeting schedule with attendant travel was about to begin.

AAPG Addressing Manpower Needs  
By Will Green / October 2007

To assure the future energy supply, more well-educated and trained geologists, geophysicists and engineers are needed. Learn what AAPG is doing to attract, assist and encourage students in geosciences?

'Climate' Cools With Revised Statements  
By Will Green / September 2007
What are the reasons for the climate changes in the past century? AAPG members debated the probable causes and many were not in agreement with our existing climate change position paper. Therefore, committees were formed to answer the question and write a change statement.
Congressional Visits Proved Interesting  
By Will Green / August 2007
The first week of May 300 scientists, engineers and business leaders made visits on Capitol Hill as part of the 11th annual “Congressional Visits Day,” an event sponsored by the Science-Engineering-Technology Work Group.
Lee F. Krystinik
Doing What We Said We’d Do—Well, Did We?  
By Lee Krystinik / June 2014

Well, much as promised by my predecessors, the year indeed has flown by quickly and this is my last column to you as president. Soon, I will find myself with more time to explore for oil and gas and get back to riding my horse – if he still recognizes me.

Do We Burst Bubbles, or Will We Bust the Ceiling?  
By Lee Krystinik / May 2014

AAPG is working to include our female colleagues in many levels of leadership within our organization, but there is still a lot left to do.

Doing What We Say We Do: Volunteering? Really?  
By Lee Krystinik / April 2014

Our volunteers help shape most of our business activities – this includes the EXPLORER, the BULLETIN, our hard-copy and digital publications, our short courses and our meetings, and essentially everything else AAPG does.   

Here’s a Tip: Some Cows May Not Be So Sacred  
By Lee Krystinik / March 2014

Today, in my capacity as president of AAPG, working in concert with our very capable Executive Committee, I find myself dealing with a whole different breed of cows – the sacred ones.

AAPG as a Scientific and Professional Organization   
By Lee Krystinik / February 2014

I have heard many of our faithful members distinguish AAPG from other groups because we are a premier scientific and technical organization – and so we are. I also have heard equally strident voices within AAPG passionately declare that we are a professional organization – and so we are.

Six Down, Six to Go: Are We Doing What We Say?  
By Lee Krystinik / January 2014

My “to-do” list and those of the AAPG Executive Committee (EC) and our very able staff and management are quite a lot longer, but five of the key objectives are noted in this article.

Are We Sharing Our Science? Really?  
By Lee Krystinik / December 2013

One of the standard duties that comes with the great honor of this office is public speaking.

Doing What We Say We Do: AAPG Business  
By Lee Krystinik / November 2013

President Lee Krystinik asks the question: Do we do what we say we do regarding our AAPG business activities? AAPG’s range of activities is broad but do they truly move the Association toward its primary goals and purpose?

Doing What We Say We Do: Ethics  
By Lee Krystinik / October 2013

This month we continue our series dealing with the reality of doing what we say we do. 

Inclusivity – Integrating Geoscience and a Global AAPG  
By Lee Krystinik / September 2013

AAPG has a long heritage – in fact, ever since our inception in 1917 – of sharing excellent petroleum geoscience with an ever-broadening circle of geoscientists.

How Efficient Is Our Membership Process?  
By Lee Krystinik / August 2013

People who know me might kindly note that I sometimes repeat myself, so you are going to see several editorials wrapped around the concept of “doing what we say we do.”

AAPG: Doing What We Say We Do  
By Lee Krystinik / July 2013

During my formative years I was raised with a consistent and simple theme: Do what I say I will do and do it to the very best of my ability.

John C. Lorenz
Critical Thinking   
By John C. Lorenz / June 2010

Students increasingly are learning via computers, and scientists are increasingly dependent on them.

Jobs for the World’s Future Oil Finders   
By John C. Lorenz / May 2010

A common theme emerged recently in the course of talking to groups of enthusiastic and energetic AAPG student members at Imperial College, Aberdeen University, and the Imperial Barrel Award competition in Bahrain: “We’re graduating soon. Will there be jobs in the industry for us?”

Having Your Cake and Eating It, Too   
By John C. Lorenz / April 2010

U.S. Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar recently justified restrictions on leasing by saying that “the public lands and oil and gas resources are owned by the American citizens.

The Energy Ratio Limit   
By John C. Lorenz / March 2010

Believe it or not, gasoline and other hydrocarbon products are better bargains now than they were 50 years ago, and given the improved fuel economy of modern cars we probably spend a lower percentage of our income on gasoline than we did back then.

Geology, Models and AAPG   
By John C. Lorenz / February 2010

New Mexico State Geologist and prominent AAPG member Pete Scholle recently took a group of state lawmakers out to visit an active drill rig with the laudable objective of educating them on the expense and difficulty of finding oil and gas.

Sunsetting the Global Climate Change Committee  
By John C. Lorenz / January 2010

The AAPG Executive Committee met at the International Conference and Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro in November to discuss a variety of issues, among them the role and activities of the AAPG Global Climate Change Committee.

Geoscience: Now More Than Ever   
By John C. Lorenz / December 2009

I recently had the pleasure of participating in an E&P company’s internal reservoir characterization technology forum. The eclectic meeting covered topics ranging from the implications of peak oil to ways to improve recovery factors.

Industry, Governments and AAPG Members   
By John C. Lorenz / November 2009

Let’s not confuse capitalism with government: Any business that doesn’t make a profit is a failure and does not stay in business long.

It’s About The Science   
By John C. Lorenz / October 2009

Don’t let anyone tell you differently: Geology is a difficult science.

Going Global   
By John C. Lorenz / September 2009

Founded in 1917, AAPG started as a local society in Tulsa, in what was then one of the major centers of the American oil industry. Cushing Field alone, located just west of Tulsa and discovered in 1912, at one time supplied nearly a fifth of the total U.S. oil consumption.

What’s In It For Me?   
By John C. Lorenz / August 2009

If you’re reading this you’re probably already an AAPG member, but you also probably get questioned from time to time about why anyone should want or need to join AAPG. I know at least one geologist whose attitude is, “I can get everything I need from AAPG through the library or through my company. Why should I join?”

Members Provide Valuable Services   
By John C. Lorenz / July 2009

As General Ira Eaker said when he brought the U.S. Army Eighth Air Force to join the Royal Air Force in England during World War II, “We won’t do much talking until we’ve done more fighting. After we’ve gone, we hope you’ll be glad we came.”

Randi Martinsen
During Good Times and Bad  
By Randi Martinsen / April 2015
Providing opportunities for interaction and engagement across energy industry professionals might expand employment opportunities for all our members – especially during downturns like this.
In Between Booms? AAPG Can Help  
By Randi Martinsen / March 2015

Well, we all knew it would happen… sometime. Our industry has always had ups and downs, and now we are back in one of the downs with a 60 percent drop in the price of oil from the price high of last June.

YPs Add Passion, Talent to AAPG  
By Randi Martinsen / February 2015

It should come as no surprise to learn that Young Professional AAPG members are not only growing in numbers within our Association, but also in influence.

The Value of AAPG Membership  
By Randi Martinsen / January 2015

A frequent focus of discussion between members of the Executive Committee and the AAPG staff is membership – how to better serve it, of course, but also how to grow it and retain it.

Recognizing the 'Best of the Best"  
By Randi Martinsen / December 2014

It’s appropriate in this season of remembering to recognize and celebrate those people who are this year’s “Best of the Best” – the amazing people who have been named the winners of AAPG honors and awards.

Finding Our Strength in Inclusive Unity  
By Randi Martinsen / November 2014

As our profession and our industry has become even more global, our AAPG family has expanded to include members from 128 different countries, and our international membership now comprises more than 40 percent of our total membership. As that statistic would suggest, today’s demographics of AAPG members are quite diverse.

Embracing Mitchell's Vision of Sustainability  
By Randi Martinsen / October 2014

I find it ironic that George Mitchell, the “father of hydraulic fracturing technology” (aka, “father of fracing”), a technology that so many people fear or hate because of its perceived negative environmental impact, was so passionate about the environment and sustainability. This is a message we need to convey.

Engaging Members, Promoting Professionalism  
By Randi Martinsen / September 2014

I hope this successful running of the RMS annual meeting will be an inspiration and a model to others throughout our Sections and Regions, to actively engage our young professionals and incorporate their visions of what our organization is – and what it can be – into our global vision.

What Does AAPG Mean to You?  
By Randi Martinsen / August 2014
Some people dominantly think of AAPG as a scientific association; some as a professional association; some as something that provides networking opportunities, and to some it is simply an association to which they belong.
My Agenda: Doing What We Do Better  
By Randi Martinsen / July 2014
AAPG must be able to nimbly and efficiently anticipate as well as respond to this changing landscape, so that we are poised to take advantage of new opportunities that arise and discard outdated strategies, technologies, products and services.
David G. Rensink
A Year With An Eye on the Future   
By David Rensink / June 2011

My year of presidential service began with the Macondo blowout and ends with the search for a new AAPG executive director. In between these benchmarks was an eventful year.

We Are a Diverse Tribe   
By David Rensink / May 2011

One of the many enjoyable parts of the job as president of AAPG is to travel and to talk with the growing AAPG membership – particularly the students. It is always an eye-opening experience.

Upon Reflection, Some Things Haven’t Changed   
By David Rensink / April 2011

Success in this industry can depend on whom you know as much as on what you know.

Do You Take Ethics For Granted?   
By David Rensink / March 2011

Last month I had the pleasure to hear DPA President Dan Tearpock’s ethics talk to the Houston Geological Society.

Facing New Frontiers – As in the Past   
By David Rensink / February 2011

In thinking about the future of AAPG and the petroleum industry, it is interesting to contemplate the frontiers we currently face and those we could face in the future – but it also is worthwhile to consider the frontiers of the past.

Ready for the Future – In 131 Years?   
By David Rensink / January 2011

Larry Nation, AAPG’s communications director, sent me a press release about a study conducted by two University of California-Davis civil and environmental engineers, recently published in Environmental Science & Technology. Their study concluded that global oil will run out 90 years before the technology to replace gasoline and diesel fuel is ready.

Commodities Obey Supply and Demand (It’s a Law)  
By David Rensink / December 2010

As I have traveled to AAPG conferences during the past year-and-a-half I have been impressed by the number of symposia on shale gas.

AAPG in 2035?  
By David Rensink / November 2010

One of the goals the Executive Committee has set for this year is to instill a longer range view in AAPG – a 20- to 25-year view. To that end, we have asked the Advisory Council to review the current AAPG Strategic Plan, which was crafted in 2004, to determine whether the plan’s assumptions are still valid – and if so, whether the conclusions are still valid.

GOM Operations Enter New Era  
By David Rensink / October 2010

BP’s Macondo well has been plugged using top-kill techniques, and the oil on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico is dissipating faster than many had predicted. The oil flow has stopped and the well has been sealed. This is very good news.

The Real Cost of Water – Going Up  
By David Rensink / September 2010

As geoscientists we have a good understanding of many of the factors that can affect our industry – but one factor that we may understand the least is water.

Responding in Critical Times  
By David Rensink / August 2010

This is a crucial month for the Gulf of Mexico in specific and the oil industry in general. This is the month BP expects to have a relief well in a position to stop the flow of oil from its deepwater well in Mississippi Canyon Block 252.

Leading With an Eye to the Future  
By David Rensink / July 2010

In seven years AAPG will celebrate its 100th anniversary – and I believe the actions AAPG takes in the next seven years will be pivotal in preparing AAPG for its second 100 years.

Scott Tinker
A Year of ‘Advancing The Ball’ – Together  
By Scott Tinker / June 2009

A few closing thoughts as Scott Tinker finds himself facing he end of his service as AAPG President.

Lesson Learned? We Are Needed   
By Scott Tinker / May 2009

I often learn the most important lessons when I am least prepared and from those most unexpected.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?   
By Scott Tinker / April 2009

I was approached by a woman in her 30s, obviously bright and passionate about being a geologist. She asked, “Tell me why I should stay in this industry! Why should I not leave it for environmental or some other industry entirely? Tell me why!”

Competition Doesn’t Preclude Collaboration  
By Scott Tinker / March 2009

Competition is everywhere. So how do we build bridges amidst all of it? Here are some suggestions.

Myths, Realities and Sticky Bites  
By Scott Tinker / February 2009

Last August in this column I identified 10 “sticky” energy myths and countered with some realities.   “Made to Stick” helps us understand why these myths and legends propagate and last in the public conscious. Sticky ideas are Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional Stories. 

Discussion Needs Climate Change  
By Scott Tinker / January 2009

Welcome to the global warming debate, where science, politics and passion have become so entwined that they may be impossible to separate, and otherwise reasonable people on both “sides” of the issue can become ardently irrational.

Giving Thanks  
By Scott Tinker / December 2008
2009 will begin with a new president of the United States. President-elect Barack Obama has promised to press hard for alternative energies and set a price on carbon emissions.
A Global Energy Policy Bridge  
By Scott Tinker / November 2008

Communications Gap: An Issue for the Ages  
By Scott Tinker / October 2008
For the past few months we have been discussing bridge building, with particular focus on energy/economy and energy/environment bridges. 
Energy, Economy And Environment Linked Together  
By Scott Tinker / September 2008
 The energy-environment bridge is built on an economic foundation. Energy is required for a healthy economy, and a healthy economy is requisite to a clean environment. Said differently, in a global or national recession, not much is invested in the environment; we have other issues and concerns to deal with that are more pressing. The economy-environment link, however, may not be widely understood. 
When Questioned, Take It Personally  
By Scott Tinker / August 2008
In our business and in these times we are asked often, “Why is the price of gasoline so high?”
Building Bridges For A New Energy Future  
By Scott Tinker / July 2008
It has been an honor to serve on the FY 08 Executive Committee. Will Green has guided the ship with a steady hand on the rudder and an eye on the horizon, and I appreciate the thoughtful contributions of outgoing EC members Randi Martinsen, John Armentrout and Marty Hewitt.
Paul Weimer
Annus mirabilis  
By Paul Weimer / June 2012

My year as AAPG president started informally and unceremoniously.

Whither AAPG?  
By Paul Weimer / May 2012

This month’s column is extracted from my address at the opening session of the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Long Beach, Calif., on April 22. I thank AAPG staff members Vicki Beighle and David Lange for their extraordinary help in generating these statistics and figures.

Welcome to the New, New Digital World  
By Paul Weimer / April 2012

Nobel laureate Niels Bohr putatively wrote that prediction is difficult, especially when it concerns the future. 

Budget Matters Revisited  
By Paul Weimer / March 2012

My co-author for this month’s column is Jim McGhay, AAPG Treasurer. Later this month, you will receive your dues statement, where there are two items that might attract your attention. We address them here.   

A Column for You(th): Part Deux  
By Paul Weimer / February 2012

This topic seemed to strike a nerve. This column is a reply to the many comments that we received.

Societal Cooperation  
By Paul Weimer / January 2012

During my travels this year I have been repeatedly asked a number of questions regarding the AAPG and its policies. Here, I address one of the more challenging and important issues – joint cooperation with other professional societies.

Random Musings From 35,000 Feet (10,675 m)   
By Paul Weimer / December 2011

In the last few months, I have had the extraordinary opportunity to visit 12 countries and interact with many geologists and students. A few musings regarding the future ...

Strategic Planning   
By Paul Weimer / November 2011

The Strategic Plan, and this column, both address ongoing long-term, thorny issues facing AAPG; issues that will require difficult decisions to be made.

Budget Matters   
By Paul Weimer / October 2011

We sometimes marvel at the size of the AAPG and all of its moving parts, some of which are going in quite different directions.

A Column for You(th)   
By Paul Weimer / September 2011

This month’s column is written specifically for the Student and young professional members of AAPG. If you’re older, your take-home message is at the end of the column.

AAPG Centennial and Janus   
By Paul Weimer / August 2011

The AAPG will celebrate its Centennial (100th) Anniversary in 2017. We aren’t the oldest professional group for geologists – that honor belongs to The Geological Society of London. But we can claim the largest number of members – more than 39,000 worldwide.

Demonstrating the Benefits of Membership   
By Paul Weimer / July 2011

July 2011: The ritual changing of the guard at AAPG leadership – but this year will perhaps bring more change than usual.

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