The Year That Was(n’t) – D.C. Action Was Rare  
By Edith Allison / December 2012

The 112th Congress (January 2011 to January 2013) has passed little legislation – in fact, it set a record for inactivity, and no bills impacting petroleum exploration and production have been passed.

Many Hearings, Some Questions, Few Answers  
By Edith Allison / November 2012

AAPG provided a glowing introduction to me last month in this column, but now that it is time for my first column:

AAPG Member Named GEO-DC Director  
By Edith Allison / October 2012

Consulting geologist and AAPG member Edith C. “Edie” Allison has been named director of the AAPG Geoscience and Energy Office in Washington, D.C. (GEO-DC), a position that has been vacant since David Curtiss became AAPG executive director in August 2011.

Geology a Factor in Fracturing Regs  
By Aaron Rodriguez / May 2012

Geology’s role in unconventional natural gas production (via hydraulic fracturing and directional drilling) often is overlooked by the public, but it is a key factor in ensuring that natural gas production is efficient, economic and environmentally responsible.

Hydraulic Fracturing Spawns New Regs  
By Aaron Rodriguez / April 2012

Shale gas production is booming throughout the United States and the world due to the success of the cutting edge – and in some corners, controversial – drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing.

Politics Puts Keystone XL Pipeline in Limbo  
By David Curtiss / February 2012

I first wrote about the Keystone XL pipeline in this column back in September 2010. At the time, the project was nearing the end of a review by the U.S. Department of State for a Presidential Permit.

Casing Gets Early Blame in Fracturing Studies  
By Erin Camp / January 2012

A wise adage states that anything worth having is not easily obtainable – and it just so happens that the most promising source of cleaner, domestic, cost-effective energy of the near future also is incredibly controversial.

Reserves, Resources Reporting Examined  
By Creties Jenkins / November 2011

A multidisciplinary symposium focused on providing clarity to the estimation and reporting of petroleum reserves and resources was held in July in Houston. The symposium brought together a diverse group of stakeholders represented by 200 people from more than 100 organizations in 17 countries.

GEO-DC Office Still Doing Business   
By Peter MacKenzie / October 2011

AAPG’s presence in Washington, D.C., the Geoscience and Energy Office, or GEO-DC, was established by the DPA and AAPG in 2005 – it is fast approaching a six-year anniversary.

Profession Has a Lot at Stake in Budget Battle   
By David Curtiss / September 2011

Sitting at his Oval Office desk on Aug. 2, President Obama signed into law the compromise agreed to by the House of Representatives and Senate to lift the nation’s debt ceiling and trim federal spending.

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