To Export, or Not to Export—That IS the Question  
By Edith Allison / June 2014

Some members of Congress are again proposing rules to accelerate the federal approval process for natural gas export facilities, although any benefits would be years in the future.

Making Connections During the Annual CVD  
By Edith Allison / May 2014

As part of our spring – or almost spring – Congressional Visits Days (CVD) on March 10-12, AAPG members visited agency and congressional offi ces, advocating for geoscience research and science-based regulation, learning about the activities and opinions of decision makers, and establishing contacts for future communication.

House GOP Wants More Transparency in Science  
By Edith Allison / April 2014

Congressional Republicans want greater public access to scientific data used as a basis for determining the need for air pollution regulations.

Updated Seismic Data Needed For OCS  
By Edith Allison / March 2014

The first seismic surveys of the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) since 1988 could happen in the next two years – if the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) finalizes the required environmental impact statement (EIS) in the next few months.

Production Grows – As Do Areas of Concern   
By Edith Allison / February 2014

Oil and natural gas production continued to grow in the United States in 2013 even as progress on new federal laws and regulations stalled – but local opposition to shale gas and oil development increased.

Report Shows Need for Data in Health Debate  
By Edith Allison / January 2014

The recent National Academies’ Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on its late-April 2012 workshop, “Health Impact Assessment of Shale Gas Extraction,” describes many potential health impacts of shale gas development and identifies the data gaps.

Budget Cuts Threaten Industry Research Efforts  
By Edith Allison / December 2013

Basic research – the source of innovative technology – has experienced significant cuts in the past three years as the House and Senate have disagreed on spending proprieties and “sequestration” has become the default budget process.

Confused Over Methane Data? Stand in Line  
By Edith Allison / November 2013

Over the past two years large variations in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates of the volume of methane released during natural gas production have been used by organizations arguing respectively that natural gas is cleaner than or dirtier than coal.

Self-Compliance Joins ‘Best Practices’ List  
By Edith Allison / October 2013

As shale gas development has boomed over the past decade and public concern about its safety has swelled, both regulatory agencies and operating companies have accelerated their efforts to improve environmental safety.

President’s Climate Plan Begins its Journey  
By Edith Allison / September 2013

The president’s Climate Action Plan, released June 25, aims to slow the effects of climate change.

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