LNG Exports Approved Amid Waning Interest  
By Edith Allison / December 2015

For over two years Congress has complained about delays in the government permitting process for liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals, and several bills were introduced to accelerate the processing of natural gas export applications.

Wide Range of Topics Covered During GEO-CVD  
By Colleen Newman / November 2015

On Sept. 30, AAPG Executive Director David Curtiss and 10 AAPG members participated in a day of visits to Capitol Hill to discuss the importance of strong federal investments for geoscience research and education. Geosciences Congressional Visits Day (GEO-CVD) is organized by AAPG in conjunction with other geoscience organizations.

New Regulations Loom For Industry  
By Edith Allison / October 2015
A burst of new emissions regulations that affect the oil and natural gas industry has cheered the environmental community while distressing the industry and opponents of government regulation.
Iran and U.S. Energy Exports  
By Edith Allison / September 2015
Congress long has been interested in ending the ban on the export of U.S. crude oil – and their interest in oil exports has increased with the recent international agreement to lift the nuclear-related sanctions on Iran.
Forecast is Good for Water Supplies  
By Edith Allison / August 2015
There’s been a lot of good news recently about water and hydraulic fracturing: the EPA’s and other scientists’ research into water consumption for hydraulic fracturing found minimal strain on water resources, and natural gas power generation significantly reduces water use in power generation.
Proposed Cuts Threaten Research  
By Edith Allison / July 2015
Congress is talking about science now more than ever – and some of the dialogue is unfavorable. However, attacking science may be a surrogate for opposition to federal regulations, which seem to be appearing at a faster rate than in the past.
QER Addresses Changing Energy System  
By Edith Allison / June 2015
Concerns over aging or inadequate infrastructure and changes in the energy mix led the Obama administration to focus the first Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) on transmission, storage and distribution infrastructure.
Congressional Visit Days Bridge Policy and Science  
By Steve Brennan / May 2015
AAPG Congressional Visit Days (CVD) are held annually in the spring in Washington, D.C. – and I was fortunate to participate this past March, adding the perspective of a graduate student to the event.
New Federal Energy Policies in the Works  
By Edith Allison / April 2015
Is 2015 the year for comprehensive energy legislation? Many in Congress are considering new, comprehensive energy legislation, which would be the first such measures since the 2005 Energy Policy Act and the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act.
Inaccuracies Abound In Emissions Papers  
By Edith Allison / March 2015

The oil and natural gas industry is the target of round two of the President’s Climate Action Plan, released in 2013 with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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