Tulsa: Oil Capital of the World  
By Larry Nation / July 2012

Tulsa: Oil Capital of the World.

Secrecy Part of North Sea Exploration Life  
By Peter Walmsley / June 2012

Historical Highlights: In spite of secrecy, lack of access to well data, long-time BP employee was privileged to become involved in a major petroleum province before it was discovered and stayed with it until it reached maturity.

Permian: A Basin Full of Stories  
By J. Michael Party / May 2012

Even from the beginning, the discovery well gave a hint that the Permian Basin was going to be a major oil province. That well was the Santa Rita #1 – Santa Rita, the patron Saint of the Impossible.

Wildcattin’ Piano Teacher Became Oil Queen  
By Jessica Moore / April 2012

Tenacity and a keen business mind were traits contributing to the success of one of California’s most prosperous oilmen of the early 1900s – except this particular oilman was a woman.

Baku Had Its Origins as a ‘Nobel’ Venture  
By Sigrunn Johnsen / March 2012

Historical Highlights takes a look at Russia’s oil industry beginning with the pioneering efforts of the Swedish Nobel brothers.

Insistence Proved ‘Unwanted’ Block a Winner  
By J. Myles Bowen / January 2012

After World War II – possibly as part of the Marshall Plan – Shell was obliged to give an American company a half interest in the acreage it held in Netherlands.

Colombia’s Ecopetrol: A Legacy of Principles   
By Miguel Ramirez, Victor Ramirez / December 2011

With Colombia rapidly approaching a historical production record of one million barrels of oil per day, and Ecopetrol, the state oil company, celebrating its 60th anniversary, it is worth reviewing the events that led to these milestones.

Aussie North Rankin Discovery Was Game-Changer   
By Peter Purcell / November 2011

It was nearly midnight on a Saturday late in June 1971 when BOCAL’s new palynologist Barry Ingram telephoned chief geologist Peter Kaye to tell him the gas discovery in North Rankin-1 were in Triassic sediments.

Creative Thinking Led to Mahakam Success   
By Bernard Duval / September 2011

Despite the fact that exploration in the Mahakam Delta started more than 40 years ago, with large discoveries made in the mid-1970s, plans are being considered to develop and redevelop several gas fields of the area.

Pioneer Map Charted Anticlinal Structures   
By Naomoto Komatsu / August 2011

At first glance the structural contour map and the cross section shown here look as if they had been published in the late 1920s by AAPG in the “Structure of Typical American Oil Fields” memoir.

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