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Historical Highlights

Stratigraphy Vindicated by Cook’s Farm Coal Bust  
By Hugh Torrens, Peter Wigley / April 2014

Great Britain in the late 18th and early 19th centuries was undergoing great change. The Industrial Revolution was in full flood and there was an insatiable desire for coal to turn the wheels of industry.

Evolution, Adaptation Continues for BULLETIN  
By John C. Lorenz / March 2014

The AAPG BULLETIN, the standard-bearer of AAPG publications, is still the benchmark for peer-reviewed scientific publications in the field of hydrocarbon-related geology, even though competition exists today from other societies and for-profit publishers.

A Gusher at Baba Gurgur   
By Michael Morton / February 2014

“One man was at the head waters of the River Amazon among the headshrinkers when he was recalled to come to Iraq; another came from Argentina, another from Mexico, still another had been in Romania, one in Indo-China, several in Venezuela and the East Indies.”

In the Beginning: The Legends of Venezuela  
By Gustavo Coronel / January 2014

The story of geology and exploration in Venezuela has been written by dozens of geologists who made a difference in that country. By extension and through mentorship and writing, their impacts continue today.

Hugoton’s Rich History  
By Lawrence Skelton / December 2013

The presence of natural gas in Kansas was known in pre-territorial time, as it was escaping from “oil springs” in Miami County in the region’s northeast part – there is some evidence that it was collected and used by local American Indians before any easterners settled in what would become the Sunflower State.

Core Values: 70 Years of Canadian History  
By Don Kent, Melinda Yurkowski / November 2013

Exploration for oil and gas in Saskatchewan was initiated in 1888 with the spudding of a 472-meter (1,548.5 feet) well near the settlement of Belle Plaine some 32 kilometers (20 miles) west of Regina.

Wellsite Geologist Puts His Job - and Chin! - On the Line  
By Orlando Méndez / October 2013

Exploration geologists are scientists and dreamers, observers and analysts.

Eppo Oomkens and the Discovery of Groningen Gas  
By Ken Glennie / September 2013

The Netherlands is renowned for its giant Groningen gas field, which contains about 100 TCF of gas  and has a total life expectancy of about 100 years. 

Cusiana – A Giant in the Colombian Foothills  
By Bernard Duval / August 2013

This story, whose outcome was an important milestone for Total’s exploration at the time of discovery, can be seen as complementary to the Mahakam success story, described in the September 2011 Historical Highlights column.

Origin of the Caribbean? Look Toward the Pacific  
By James Pindell / July 2013

Were there enough arguments to champion a firm stand for a Pacific origin of the Caribbean lithosphere, as Kevin Burke, Bruce Malfait and others had suggested?

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Historical Highlights

Historical Highlights - Hans Krause

Hans Krause is an AAPG Honorary Member, Distinguished Service Award winner and former chair of the AAPG History of Petroleum Geology Committee.

Historical Highlights

A History-Based Series, Historical Highlights is an ongoing EXPLORER series that celebrates the "eureka" moments of petroleum geology, the rise of key concepts, the discoveries that made a difference, the perseverance and ingenuity of our colleagues – and/or their luck! – through stories that emphasize the anecdotes, the good yarns and the human interest side of our E&P profession. If you have such a story – and who doesn't? – and you'd like to share it with your fellow AAPG members, contact the editor.

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