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Historical Highlights

Historic New York Survey Set High Geologic Standards  
By Raymond Sorenson / January 2013

When New York began its first state geological survey in 1836, seep petroleum was used in small quantities primarily for medicinal purposes.

Entrepeneurs Finished the Falklands’ Story  
By Phil Richards / December 2012

Some bold and creative geologists, full of the entrepreneur spirit, helped turn the Falkland Islands into a success story.

Striking It Big in Kansas  
By Lawrence Skelton / November 2012

In January 1860, Lawrence, Kan., newspaperman George W. Brown, while visiting his hometown of Conneautville, Pa., was captured in the excitement of a new oil boom radiating from nearby Titusville.

Geology Was Factor In Frontier Texas Life  
By Peter Rose / October 2012

Most papers about the history of geology concern evolution of concepts or sequences of events. This paper turns that on its ear – it shows how geology can influence history.

Kurdistan Venture Yields World-Class Discovery  
By Chris Garrett / September 2012

Historical Highlights: A look at the challenges and developments that led to the successful Shaikan-1 well in Iraq's Kurdistan Region.

The Caribbean: Is it From Here or From There?  
By Keith James / August 2012

Historical Highlights looks at the origin of the Caribbean, a geological puzzle. Just exactly where did it come from?

Tulsa: Oil Capital of the World  
By Larry Nation / July 2012

Tulsa: Oil Capital of the World.

Secrecy Part of North Sea Exploration Life  
By Peter Walmsley / June 2012

Historical Highlights: In spite of secrecy, lack of access to well data, long-time BP employee was privileged to become involved in a major petroleum province before it was discovered and stayed with it until it reached maturity.

Permian: A Basin Full of Stories  
By J. Michael Party / May 2012

Even from the beginning, the discovery well gave a hint that the Permian Basin was going to be a major oil province. That well was the Santa Rita #1 – Santa Rita, the patron Saint of the Impossible.

Wildcattin’ Piano Teacher Became Oil Queen  
By Jessica Moore / April 2012

Tenacity and a keen business mind were traits contributing to the success of one of California’s most prosperous oilmen of the early 1900s – except this particular oilman was a woman.

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Historical Highlights

Historical Highlights - Hans Krause

Hans Krause is an AAPG Honorary Member, Distinguished Service Award winner and former chair of the AAPG History of Petroleum Geology Committee.

Historical Highlights

A History-Based Series, Historical Highlights is an ongoing EXPLORER series that celebrates the "eureka" moments of petroleum geology, the rise of key concepts, the discoveries that made a difference, the perseverance and ingenuity of our colleagues – and/or their luck! – through stories that emphasize the anecdotes, the good yarns and the human interest side of our E&P profession. If you have such a story – and who doesn't? – and you'd like to share it with your fellow AAPG members, contact the editor.

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