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Historical Highlights

Striking It Big in Kansas  
By Lawrence Skelton / November 2012

In January 1860, Lawrence, Kan., newspaperman George W. Brown, while visiting his hometown of Conneautville, Pa., was captured in the excitement of a new oil boom radiating from nearby Titusville.

Geology Was Factor In Frontier Texas Life  
By Peter Rose / October 2012

Most papers about the history of geology concern evolution of concepts or sequences of events. This paper turns that on its ear – it shows how geology can influence history.

Kurdistan Venture Yields World-Class Discovery  
By Chris Garrett / September 2012

Historical Highlights: A look at the challenges and developments that led to the successful Shaikan-1 well in Iraq's Kurdistan Region.

The Caribbean: Is it From Here or From There?  
By Keith James / August 2012

Historical Highlights looks at the origin of the Caribbean, a geological puzzle. Just exactly where did it come from?

Tulsa: Oil Capital of the World  
By Larry Nation / July 2012

Tulsa: Oil Capital of the World.

Secrecy Part of North Sea Exploration Life  
By Peter Walmsley / June 2012

Historical Highlights: In spite of secrecy, lack of access to well data, long-time BP employee was privileged to become involved in a major petroleum province before it was discovered and stayed with it until it reached maturity.

Permian: A Basin Full of Stories  
By J. Michael Party / May 2012

Even from the beginning, the discovery well gave a hint that the Permian Basin was going to be a major oil province. That well was the Santa Rita #1 – Santa Rita, the patron Saint of the Impossible.

Wildcattin’ Piano Teacher Became Oil Queen  
By Jessica Moore / April 2012

Tenacity and a keen business mind were traits contributing to the success of one of California’s most prosperous oilmen of the early 1900s – except this particular oilman was a woman.

Baku Had Its Origins as a ‘Nobel’ Venture  
By Sigrunn Johnsen / March 2012

Historical Highlights takes a look at Russia’s oil industry beginning with the pioneering efforts of the Swedish Nobel brothers.

Insistence Proved ‘Unwanted’ Block a Winner  
By J. Myles Bowen / January 2012

After World War II – possibly as part of the Marshall Plan – Shell was obliged to give an American company a half interest in the acreage it held in Netherlands.

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Historical Highlights

Historical Highlights - Hans Krause

Hans Krause is an AAPG Honorary Member, Distinguished Service Award winner and former chair of the AAPG History of Petroleum Geology Committee.

Historical Highlights

A History-Based Series, Historical Highlights is an ongoing EXPLORER series that celebrates the "eureka" moments of petroleum geology, the rise of key concepts, the discoveries that made a difference, the perseverance and ingenuity of our colleagues – and/or their luck! – through stories that emphasize the anecdotes, the good yarns and the human interest side of our E&P profession. If you have such a story – and who doesn't? – and you'd like to share it with your fellow AAPG members, contact the editor.

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