Unifying Threads of Southeast Mexico's Discovery Processes  
By Javier Meneses-Rocha / September 2016

The discovery processes of four provinces in southeast Mexico were forged through different political, economic and legal frameworks, imprinted indelibly by the history of Mexico.

Discovery of the Giant Monte Alpi Field  
By Iain Paterson, Chris Brown / August 2016

A relatively unknown and highly productive oil province in Europe was discovered by a British national oil company, all because they were told to stay close to home.

The Search for Oil Offshore Abu Dhabi  
By Michael Morton / July 2016

In 1953, a subsidiary of British Petroleum obtained an oil concession of 31,000 square kilometers off the coast of Abu Dhabi. It would later become an important discovery, revealing the potential of Cretaceous carbonate reservoirs in the region.

Floods and Foibles in Calgary, Alberta  
By Jerry Osborn / June 2016

Calgary, site of the 2016 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, has been regarded to be generally free of natural hazards … until the summer of 2013, that is.

Oxy Libya: Giant Strides For a Small Company  
By Richard H. Vaughan / May 2016

When Occidental Petroleum Corporation was reorganized in 1959, its total oil production was some 100 barrels per day. By the time Moammar Gaddaffi nationalized the industry in 1969, Oxy Libya, the wholly owned subsidiary, was producing 800,000 barrels per day. Such an amount made Oxy Libya the eighth largest producer in the world.

The Rise of the Swiss Mafia  
By Monika Gisler, Daniel M. Truempy / April 2016

When one of us joined Royal Dutch Shell in 1980, seven out of 27 young professionals in the basic training course were Swiss – a remarkable number of students from a tiny country that does not produce oil or gas. The term “Swiss mafia” was coined by our Dutch colleagues, and it wasn’t meant in a complimentary sense.

The History of Central Mississippi's Naturally Occurring CO2 Fields  
By Keith Bowman / March 2016

The largest naturally occurring CO2 accumulation east of the Mississippi River is currently under exploitation northeast of Jackson, Miss.

Spain’s Oldest and Only Onshore Oilfield  
By Jorge Navarro Comet / February 2016

The Ayoluengo field was the first commercial oil discovery in Spain and more than 50 years later remains the only onshore oilfield in the Iberian Peninsula. The field was discovered in 1964 and is still producing.

40 Years of Petróleos de Venezuela  
By Gustavo Coronel / January 2016
The idea of nationalizing Venezuela’s oil industry had been in the wind for a few years leading up to 1976, and conditions in the global oil market lent considerable momentum to the popularity of the proposal. Weighed in the balance of 40 years of hindsight, though, nationalization has proven to be nothing short of tragic for the nation’s oil and gas sector.
The Greatest Political Scandal of the American Oil Industry  
By M. R. Silverman / December 2015

Warren G. Harding’s presidential administration was arguably the most corrupt in American history, and the oil industry was right in the middle of the scandal. The 1920s affair surrounding Teapot Dome Oil Field was the most infamous presidential scandal to happen in the 100-year period between the Grant administration in the 1870s and the Nixon administration.

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