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Geophysical Corner

Last Call: The Even-Integer Rule  
By Bob Hardage / December 2010

The final guideline that should be used when designing a 3-D survey is the use of the even-integer rule for specifying the exact dimensions of a recording swath.

Next Step: Is Stacking Fold Acceptable?  
By Bob Hardage / November 2010
Next Step: Geology Guides the 3-D Design  
By Bob Hardage / October 2010

This month we continue our look at 3-D seismic design.

First of a Series: 3-D Design Philosophy  
By Bob Hardage / September 2010

Part 1 of 4: The geometry of onshore 3-D seismic recording grids is based on five parameters: source-station spacing, receiver-station spacing, source-line spacing, receiver-line spacing and recording swath size. 

Compartments Can Challenge Logic  
By Bob Hardage / August 2010

In this article, we look at a reservoir compartment analysis done across a fluvial depositional system in South Texas.

Complex Traces: There’s an ‘App’ for That  
By Bob Hardage / July 2010

Last month we introduced the concept of a complex seismic trace; this month we’ll show how a complex trace provides a rigorous way to set the boundaries of data windows associated with distinct seismic reflections – and we’ll define the polarities of each of those reflection events.

‘Hilbert Transform’ Remains a Valuable Tool   
By Bob Hardage / June 2010

Geological interpretation of seismic data is commonly done by analyzing patterns of seismic amplitude, phase and frequency in map and section views across a prospect area.

 Looking High and Low for References   
By Bob Hardage / May 2010

The fundamental criteria required of a seismic reflection event that is to be used as a reference surface for interpreting thin-bed geology consists of three things.

‘Unfolding’ Yields New Interpretations   
By Bob Hardage / April 2010

A pair of scissors always sat next to the box of colored pencils on Kees Rutten’s desk, littered with seismic sections, time-to-depth curves and well logs.

Shining Light on a Shady Situation   
By Bob Hardage / March 2010

Seismic reflection data come alive when displayed with shaded relief.

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Geophysical Corner

Geophysical Corner - Satinder Chopra
Satinder Chopra, award-winning chief geophysicist (reservoir), at Arcis Seismic Solutions, Calgary, Canada, and a past AAPG-SEG Joint Distinguished Lecturer began serving as the editor of the Geophysical Corner column in 2012.

Geophysical Corner

The Geophysical Corner is a regular column in the EXPLORER that features geophysical case studies, techniques and application to the petroleum industry.


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