Mentoring Leaders for the Future of AAPG  
Anne Draucker, EMD President, and Jon Allen, Young Professionals Co-Chair / February 2017

As AAPG celebrates its 100th year, we continue to work hard to ensure the next century will also be successful.

Are You a Convention-goer?  
By Anne Draucker / November 2016

Conventions offer something for everyone and in the low price environment, it’s the perfect time to attend. Attendees gain new skills and make contacts that could potentially lead to new jobs.

Getting to Know the Energy Minerals Division  
By Anne Draucker / August 2016

There are a surprising number of AAPG Members (new and experienced) who are not familiar with the technical divisions of AAPG and what they do. Given how much excellent work is done in the divisions, everyone is encouraged to learn more about them.

Strong and Informative EMD Technical Program At ACE  
By Sharleen Overland, Robert Trevail / May 2016

AAPG’s Energy Minerals Division is excited to present a strong and informative technical program at the 2016 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Calgary, Canada. EMD has an intriguing program this year, covering a variety of unconventional energy topics of current interest to both EMD and AAPG members.

Geothermal’s Contributions to the Energy Equation  
By Paul Morgan / February 2016

The Energy and Minerals Division of the AAPG focuses on unconventional hydrocarbon energy resources, such as coalbed methane and gas hydrates and alternative energy resources, such as coal, uranium and geothermal energy. These resources are important to members of AAPG.

Natural Gas Hydrate: An 'Emerging Resource' Finally Emerges  
By Art Johnson, EMD Gas Hydrate Committee Chair / November 2015

Natural gas hydrate (NGH), a crystalline compound of water and natural gas, has been recognized as a vast potential energy resource for over two decades, but its commerciality has persistently remained beyond the horizon due to technical and economic hurdles.

What You Can Do For EMD  
By Robert Trevail / August 2015
In the coming year, the Energy Minerals Division is looking to improve and expand its information delivery system. EMD also is seeking volunteers to fill a number of vacant section and region councilor positions.
Then and Now: An EMD Perspective on Oil Shale  
By Alan Burnham / May 2015
Oil shale is a rich petroleum source rock that never got buried deep enough to generate oil and gas. Worldwide, oil shale is a massive resource that potentially could yield a trillion barrels of oil and gas equivalent.
Heavy Oil Recovery Methods Are Improving  
By Steven Schamel, Sharleen Overland / February 2015

In virtually all regions of sustained production, the industry is steadily improving in situ recovery methods and reducing environmental impacts of bitumen and heavy oil production, especially those associated with surface mining.

Notoriety Notwithstanding, Nuclear Revival is Under Way  
By Michael Campbell / November 2014

Over the past year or so we have observed strong evidence that nuclear power is into a new expansion period.

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The Energy Minerals Division (EMD), a division of AAPG, is dedicated to addressing the special concerns of energy resource geologists working with energy resources other than conventional oil and gas, providing a vehicle to keep abreast of the latest developments in the geosciences and associated technology. EMD works in concert with the Division of Environmental Geosciences to serve energy resource and environmental geologists.

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